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Fortnite Coachella: Where to Collect Hidden Music Notes in the Mirage Time Warp

Coachella brings the funk to Fortnite, but players need to find it first.

The Fortnite Coachella festivities are back, and this time with a brand new Creative Island filled with hidden notes for players to find.

Finding four of these hidden music notes in the Mirage Time Warp Speedrun on Fortnite Coachella Island will reward players with some festival-themed cosmetics.

Where to Find Mirage Time Warp in Fortnite

Players can find the Mirage Time Warp Speedrun Challenge on Parkour Island for Fortnite Coachella.

Before you can access this area, you must go to Coachella Island by using the Discover tab or the Fortnite Creative Island Code, 5449-4207-1280.

  1. Once you arrive at Coachella Island, head to the right towards the 3D map with the Fast Travel banner.
    • Players can interact with this map to reach different parts of Coachella Island.
  2. Face the top part of the map with the mountain on it. “Fast Travel to Parkour Island” should appear on your screen.
  3. Use the prompt to fast travel to Parkour Island.
Parkour Island
  1. When you arrive, Mirage Time Warp is directly in front of you.
    • There is a sign saying Mirage Time Warp and large floating numbers just past the sign.
  2. Walk down the path with all the different Years floating until you receive a prompt to join the event.
Mirage Time Warp Fortnite

This isn’t the only event going on in Fortnite right now. Players can also participate in the Eren Jaeger quests to add the Attack on Titan character to their ranks!

How to Find Hidden Music Notes in Fortnite Coachella Island

Players can find the four hidden notes in Mirage Time Warp relatively quickly to complete the Fortnite Coachella Island by following these steps:

First Hidden Note

The first hidden note will come into view as soon as players begin the Mirage Time Warp speedrun. It’ll float on a solid platform that players need to use to continue the obstacle course.

  • Jump towards the first platform, but wait until the disappearing platforms fully manifest themselves.
    • Platforms with balloons under them do not disappear.
  • Repeat this method until you reach the third platform, where you will find the first hidden note.
Fortnite Coachella First Hidden Note

Second Hidden Note

The second hidden note is at the end of the disappearing platform obstacle course. Continue to jump on the platforms, and you’ll see a stack of rings at the end.

  • Jump towards the stack of rings but do not fall in the hole.
  • Grab the second hidden note and then fall through the hole to reach the area with the next two hidden notes.
Second Hidden Note

Third Hidden Note

The third hidden note is found in a yellow area with giant rings. But to reach it, players need to clear a few obstacles first.

  • After you jump through the hole following the second hidden note, you’ll reach a room with a large blue area.
  • Head towards the left path.
  • Use the ramp to jump over the spikes in the blue area.
  • Jump towards the red area.
  • Stick to the left side of the red area. At the end of this area, you’ll see large yellow rings.
  • You’ll see the third hidden note in the giant yellow ring on the left.
Third Hidden Note

Fourth Hidden Note

The fourth hidden note is in a purple area on the same obstacle course as the third hidden note. Players need to pass through a few more areas to get to it.

  • Jump towards the yellow ring.
  • Head through it and past the second ring in the middle.
  • Jump over the waterway and into the green area.
  • Stick to the right of the green area.
  • Once you reach the end, you’ll see the purple area and a ramp on the right path with the fourth hidden note.
Fourth Hidden Note

Once you grab the fourth hidden note, you’ll see a pop-up on your screen saying you completed the quest!

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