The Fortnite community is hoping that fan-favorite Battle Pass skins may return in Chapter 4 Season 5 as we prepare to time travel back to Chapter 1.

In case you haven’t heard, it appears that Fortnite will be returning to the Chapter 1 map in the upcoming Season 5.

As part of some wacky time-travel hijinks, players will be using Kado Thorne’s time machine to return to the Battle Royale’s original map. Reportedly, the map will rapidly develop as the season progresses, bringing in content from other iconic seasons in Fortnite’s history.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Map & Sniper

Battle Pass skins have famously never returned in Fortnite, but could Chapter 4 Season 5’s time travel theme bring back some classic looks?

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Battle Pass Could Feature Returning Skins

Could past Fortnite Battle Pass content be returning for the first time ever? Fans are certainly hoping this will be the case, though we’re not sure it’s too viable an option.

After all, one of the main draws of a Battle Pass is that the skins within it can never be acquired again.

Even to this day, major collabs such as Fortnite’s Spider-Man or Darth Vader can’t appear in the Item Shop due to being locked behind a prior Battle Pass.

But one thing that Epic Games could realistically do is remix some of its classic skins slightly.

Throwback Battle Pass Fortnite

This mock-up by Reddit user OfflineMystery gives us an idea as to what a ‘Throwback’ Battle Pass could look like.

This could give players the chance to get their hands on some of Fortnite’s most iconic outfits, such as Black Knight, The Reaper, Ragnarok, and Dire again – without compromising previous Battle Passes.

byu/OfflineMystery from discussion

However, it’s worth pointing out that fans won’t have a lot of time to unlock these skins, even if they do become a reality. According to datamines, Season 5 will be Fortnite’s shortest-ever season, only lasting from November 3 – December 2023.

As such, we expect Fortnite to either use a mini Battle Pass, or have a different system ready for Chapter 4 Season 5.

But whether that will include returning skins or not, we’ll have to wait to find out!

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