Fortnite appears to have more cheaters than ever, according to a new flood of player reports that indicate the use of aimbots, wallhacks, and more is on the rise.

Cheating in online multiplayer games is certainly nothing new. Since online gaming became mainstream, there have always been malicious players who seek to get unfair advantages over their opponents.

Now, Fortnite players are complaining that the number of cheaters in their lobbies appears to be on the rise.

Are Cheaters Becoming More Common?

There appears to be circumstantial evidence to suggest that cheating is becoming increasingly common in Fortnite, though whether or not this is the case is yet to be confirmed.

It certainly seems that players view this as being the case, as the number of complaints we’ve spotted about Fortnite cheaters have been on the rise.

In the following clip, a user reportedly playing in the Solo Cash Cup Finals is able to clearly detect another player and lock onto them, despite the enemy being hidden by a bush.

In another recent clip, a player clearly uses an aimbot to lock onto and fire at an enemy whose location they had no way of knowing, given that there was a wall between them.

What’s more, content creator Zemie has been facing cheating allegations for years, and a particularly damning compilation of suspicious moments has been making the rounds online in recent months.

In the series of clips, the content creator’s aim can be seen clearly snapping to other targets, even in the middle of combat.

On many occasions, this seems to be an unintended movement, which is often caused by an aimbot changing its prioritized target.

Will Epic Games Fix Cheating?

It is likely that Epic Games will never fully be able to fix cheating in Fortnite, however the publisher does ban cheaters in waves from time to time.

Fortnite is protected by Easy Anti-Cheat, a popular software that is present in other titles such as Apex Legends and Dead By Daylight.

Easy Anticheat

However, it isn’t always the most effective of anti-cheats, and there appear to be plenty of exploits that find a way around it.

Just searching ‘Fortnite cheats’ into Google returns countless results that all claim to both work and be undetectable, after all.

Developers of cheating software will continue to change their programs to avoid detection when the latest cheating method gets banned. Meanwhile, Epic Games will attempt to stay ahead of the curve with limited success.

In the case of Zemie, the content creator has actually been banned on multiple occasions, due to claims that he’s been aimbotting.

However, the YouTuber claims that these bans were simply due to mass reports from viewers, rather than because of substantial evidence.

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