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Fortnite Character Concepts & Upcoming Skins We Want Next

Now in Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite, there are lots of in-game character and skin combinations.

Epic Games has provided crossover battle pass promotions, so here are some Fortnite Character Concepts fans want to see next.

As we move into the new year of Fortnite, fans are naturally excited about the future of the title.

Each new season brings a change to the map, as well as challenges and weapons changes.

But what usually headlines each new campaign is the accompanying battle pass.

We've already seen the likes of John Wick, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Travis Scott amongst others.

So who can gamers expect to see in future iterations of Epic Games Battle Royale? Here are some fan favorite Fortnite Character Concepts to consider.

Fortnite Character Concepts We Want to See

A list of potential character and skin concepts for future battle passes and other promotions.

Fortnite Potential Character Concepts Image
Fan-created Character Concepts to look for in Fortnite

Spiderman - Spiderman Franchise

With Marvel characters like Iron Man, Groot, Wolverine, She-Hulk, Doctor Doom, and Storm already in-game, Spiderman doesn't seem like a far stretch. The only problem is in the copyrights and potential blocks.

Much of the Spiderman franchise is owned by Sony, synonymous with PlayStation for years now.

With Fortnite operating as a cross-platform title, this could potentially stall a drop for our web-slinging hero.

Scout - Team Fortress

From the popular Team Fortress franchise, Scout is a fan-favorite character who could be on Epic Games radar.

His in-game appearance already looks like it fits with the cartoonish island of Fortnite.

Scout also has exclusive weapons and items for his character in Team Fortress 2. This would likely make it easier for Epic Games devs when designing his pickaxe and back-bling should he receive the green light.

Steve - Mincraft

One of the most popular titles in the history of gaming, Minecraft is a household name.

There's no question that the addition of Steve from Minecraft would bring an influx of players to the Fortnite island.

However, with multiple developers accredited to the creation of Minecraft, it could be complicated to nail down.

Nonetheless, fans can hope for pixel Steve to make a debut in their favorite Battle Royale.

Gordon Freeman - Half Life

While Gordon Freeman of Half-Life is a great shout for a Fortnite character, it's worth further clarification. The addition of Dr. Freeman to Fortnite would be best suited in Save the World mode.

The natural storyline of Gordon Freeman's character is to defend the earth from an alien invasion. Save the World, defending the world...some stories just write themselves.

While gamers can conjure up the concepts for potential new adds, it's worth checking out the current Fortnite battle pass.

Disney's The Mandalorian headlines Chapter 2 Season 5 with lots of cool Star Wars content.

Check out how to unlock the new Predator skin by completing these challenges. Additionally, Epic Games has provided an exclusive emote that can be unlocked for a limited time with any Fortnite Crew monthly membership.

And remember to keep our Fortnite tab bookmarked for all the breaking news on Epic Games Battle Royale.

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