Fortnite OG (AKA Chapter 4 Season 5) is only a few days away, and we already have a number of leaks detailing what to expect!

If you’re eagerly awaiting the next Fortnite season, we’ve compiled every leak and official teaser into one place.

The new update is set to kick off on November 3, 2023, so be sure to finish up your Season 4 Battle Pass soon! Here’s everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 so far:

Fortnite OG: All Leaks for Chapter 4 Season 5

Time Travel to Chapter 1

Epic Games is now confirming that we’ll be returning to the Fortnite Chapter 1 map in the next major update – Fortnite OG.

This is sure to be a blast from the past for long-term Fortnite players, complete with older models and iconic weaponry from the early days of the Battle Royale.

We’re not sure exactly how we’ll travel into the past yet, but it’s almost certainly got something to do with Kado Thorne’s time machine which displays the date July 12, 2018.

Interestingly, this is the launch date of Chapter 1 Season 5, so we expect that’s the point in time where players will return to the old map.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Time Machine Teaser
First official Season 5 teaser: “The greatest heist of all time”

On top of that, old props from Chapter 1 are already being left around the Fortnite island, as a teaser of what’s to come.

However, don’t expect the map to play exactly as it did in the past. Despite recent leaks, it appears that sprinting and mantling will not be disabled, bringing modern movement to the old-school Fortnite experience.

A Rapidly Developing Map

But if you’re not a fan of the idea of returning to the Chapter 1 map, don’t worry! Leaks indicate that the map will quickly develop, perhaps racing forward in time and incorporating all sorts of content from Fortnite’s past.

It appears that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 will change things up very quickly, making it quite possibly the game’s most chaotic season yet.

Getting around the map will never be difficult either, as the Shopping Cart is confirmed to return – alongside Fortnite’s Trap system!

Expect to see content from fan-favorite Fortnite seasons dropping in on a weekly basis!

Fortnite’s Shortest Season

And it’s not just the most chaotic season, but it’s also supposedly the shortest season in Fortnite history. Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is set to kick off on November 3, 2023 but it will supposedly end in December 2023!

Typically, a Fortnite season lasts somewhere between 70-100 days, with the shortest previous season being the original Season 1 which lasted just 50 days.

Now, it appears that Epic Games isn’t attempting to leave the time travel gimmick in the game for too long.

Fortnite Time Machine

The question is, does this mean that the Fortnite Battle Pass will be shorter to match, or will there be more XP available to balance things out?

And if we’re traveling through time, is it possible that some older Battle Pass skins (or remixes of fan-favorites) could return?

Is Fortnite Changing to Chapter 5?

Fortnite Chapter 5 is supposedly just around the corner too, with dataminers suggesting that it should arrive in December 2023.

However before then, insiders have confirmed that there are plans for Chapter 4 Season 5 – but the newest update will be Fortnite’s shortest-ever season.

We’ll update this article with the latest Fortnite OG leaks as they continue to drop! In the meantime, don’t miss our countdown to Fortnite Season 5’s start time – there’s not long to go!

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