The start date of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is just around the corner but when exactly will Season 3 (AKA Wilds) come to an end?

A new Fortnite season is always something to look forward to, particularly when the latest update has left many players a little disappointed.

A jungle-themed season with a major Transformers collaboration seems like it’d be a hit, but for a large portion of the fan base, Season 3 fell a little bit flat by the midway point.

Thankfully, it’s not long until the start of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 – here’s how long you have to wait.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Start Date

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 will go live on Friday, August 25, 2023 at approximately 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET / 12 PM BST on August 25, 2023. This will be shortly after the conclusion of Season 3.

There is likely to be a short downtime between seasons, as Epic Games prepares the servers for the new update.

Maintenance usually lasts between 2-5 hours when a new season goes live. An extended downtime is not expected for Chapter 4 Season 4 at this point in time.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Countdown

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 should be going live in .

The new major update should therefore kick off at the following times worldwide on August 25, 2023:

Time ZoneRelease Time
NZT (New Zealand)11 PM
AET (Australia)9 PM
JST (Japan)8 PM
CET (Europe)1 PM
ET (East Coast US)7 AM
CT (Illinois)6 AM
MT (Colorado)5 AM
PT (West Coast US)4 AM

The new season will last for around 3 months, leading up to early December 2023. Perhaps that means that we’ll get a rather festive Season 5 towards the end of this year.

All Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Leaks

Here are all the leaks we’ve seen for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 so far:

Doctor Who x Fortnite

Initially, it looked as though Doctor Who would be getting a major Fortnite collaboration this November, putting it right in the center of Season 4.

Now, leaker ShiinaBR indicates that the time-traveling Doctor won’t be arriving until December or beyond, which is a major disappointment for fans looking to celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary with some new skins.

LEGO Collaboration

There’s also been a ton of leaks pointing towards a LEGO x Fortnite collab finally arriving in Chapter 4 Season 4.

This crossover is expected to incorporate LEGO into the new UEFN (Creative 2.0) and allow players to build maps with actual LEGO blocks!

Fortnite x LEGO Collaboration

Live Event

Rumors of a new live event have been kicking around for a while now and if Season 3 doesn’t bring one to the table then Season 4 almost certainly will.

Lately, Fortnite Chapters and maps have only been lasting a single year, which could even suggest that we’re moving to Chapter 5 in time for 2024. If that’s the case, we can look forward to a major live event to give this year’s map quite the send-off.

Fortnite The End Live Event

What’s more, the return of Dr. Slone this season could indicate that a new storyline is about to kick off.

When Does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 End?

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 will come to an end in .

According to the in-game Battle Pass, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is currently slated to end on August 24, 2023 at 11:00 PM PT, or August 25 at 2:00 AM ET / 7:00 AM BST.

As of right now, no live event has been confirmed for the finale of Chapter 4 Season 3.

The downtime on the leadup to Chapter 4 Season 3 began at 11:30 PM PT on June 8, or 2:30 AM ET / 7:30 AM BST on June 9, 2023.

The downtime then concluded 5 hours later at around 4:30 AM PT / 7:30 AM ET / 12:30 PM BST on June 9.

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