The brand-new Cloak Gauntlets introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 can literally turn the player invisible!

If you want to stalk your prey through the thick jungle while cloaked, then the Cloak Gauntlets are absolutely the gear for you.

But to use them, you have to find them first. Luckily, they’re found across the map or won by defeating a challenging boss!

Where to Find the Cloak Gauntlets in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Players can find the Mythic Cloak Gauntlets as chest or floor loot at any point during a match across the map.

However, to get the Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets, you must defeat the Wildguard Relik Boss. Upon defeating him, he will drop the Cloak Gauntlets alongside his Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle.

The Cloak Gauntlets and Wildguard Relik Cloak Gauntlets in Fortnite

The Wildguard Relik Boss is located at Rumble Ruins, East of Shattered Slabs. He is cloaked but can be found wandering around the outside of the ruins.

The best places to find the Mythic Cloak Gauntlets are:

  • Rumble Ruins
  • Creeky Compound
  • Shady Stilts
The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 map showing the best locations of Cloak Gauntlets

Additionally, you can also purchase Mythic Cloak Gauntlets from the NPC Trace for 400 Gold Bars.

They can be located in The Apparatus Landmark East of Rumble Ruins, South of Creeky Compound, and West of Slappy Shores.

Trace's Location in Fortnite

How to Use the Cloak Gauntlets in Fortnite

To use either the regular or Wildguard Relik Cloak Gauntlets in Fortnite, players must do the following:

  • Hold R2 (or left-click on PC) to activate the Cloak Gauntlets.
  • Once activated, you will remain cloaked until you switch weapons.
  • Switch weapons with L1 and R1, LB and RB, or Mouse Wheel to deactivate it.
    • You can also wait until the invisibility runs out.
  • There is a cooldown period before you can cloak again.
The player using the cloak gauntlets and then being invisible in Fortnite

You cannot use a weapon while cloaked. If you switch weapons, the Cloak Gauntlets will immediately deactivate and begin the cooldown period.

The Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets have a cooldown period of 20 seconds. The regular Mythic Cloak Gauntlets have a cooldown period of 30 seconds.

Additionally, the Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets allow you to be invisible for significantly longer than the regular Mythic Cloak Gauntlets.

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