If you’ve been keeping up to date with the official Fortnite Twitter, you’ll probably have noticed them gearing up for the launch of Season 2. In addition to a host of new teasers, Epic Games has also confirmed the official Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 release time – and it’s not too far away.

The development team took to both Twitter and Reddit to spread the news, so let’s check just how long you need to wait until you can get your hands on the next major content drop.

Fortnite Season 2 Countdown: What Time Does it Start?

In a recent Reddit post, Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite Season 2 starts at the following times on February 20th, 2020. Unsurprisingly, this follows the same pattern as other releases, as downtime usually starts at those times.

  • UK/GMT: 9am
  • West Coast US – PST: 1am
  • East Coast US – EST: 4am
  • CEST: 10am

It’s important to note that these times are the same for all platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

Well, that’s officially when the downtime starts, but if tradition is anything to go by, you’ll probably have to wait at least an hour or two until you can download the patch and finally play the new season. Bear in mind the version of this patch is v12.00, for those of you looking to download it as soon as possible.

Chapter 2 – Season 2 Release Timing from r/FortNiteBR

Unfortunately, Epic Games notes that “patch sizes will be larger than normal,” although that doesn’t come as much of a surprise given this is the release of a brand-new season that’ll presumably deliver more changes than just the standard update. Either way, depending on your download speed, it could take up to 6 hours to install in some cases – but let’s hope that won’t be the case for many of you.

The exact file size remains to be seen for now, but we’ll update you if we hear anything. Epic hasn’t discussed too many changes that are on the horizon, so it looks like players are in for a big surprise in the morning.