Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 has arrived, and many new weapons have been added to the game, including the Business Turret.

Turrets have been set up across some of the map’s POIs this season. However, this item will let you bring one anywhere across the map. You can set it up any place and at any time to start blasting enemies!

If you want to know how to get your hands on this brand-new portable turret, look no further as you dive into all the methods and how to use it.

Where to Find Business Turret in Fortnite

Fortnite players can find Business Turrets:

  • As part of Ground Loot
  • In Chests
  • In Heist Bags
  • By killing other players who have one

From our testing, it appears the Business Turret has a higher chance of spawning at one of the three new locations:

  • Relentless Retreat
  • Sanguine Suites
  • Eclipsed Estate

How to Use Business Turret in Fortnite

To use the Business Turret, players must throw the turret on the ground, and it will start to scan the area to search for targets to lock onto.

To throw it, press the following while it is in your hand:

  • PlayStation: R2
  • Xbox: RT
  • Nintendo Switch: ZR
  • PC: Left Click

Additionally, you can pick up the Business Turret at any time, allowing you to relocate its position. This turret comes in one rarity (Epic) and will deal 7 damage with each shot.

Furthermore, when you kill a player who has activated a Business Turret, you will have the option to pick it up and turn it into yours.

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