Fortnite has another mystery to solve but thankfully bringing the Prism to Trace at the Apparatus is easier than you’d think!

If you’ve encountered a strange Prism when exploring the jungle in Fortnite, the game leaves it very unclear as to where that artifact needs to be delivered.

Your mission log tells you to ‘Bring the Prism to Trace at the Apparatus,’ but its location on the Fortnite island isn’t immediately clear.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Where to Find the Prism in Fortnite

The mysterious Prism, made from Kinetic Ore, can be found at this small temple directly to the east of Rumble Ruins.

Where to Find the Prism in Fortnite

At the base of the temple, a strange glowing purple Prism will be waiting at an altar.

Simply walk over to it and hold Square / X / E to collect it.

Prism Location in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Next, the mission log instructs players to take that Prism to the Apparatus and give it to Trace.

But where exactly is the NPC hiding?

Where Is the Apparatus in Fortnite? Trace Location

The good news is that Trace and the Apparatus are on the roof of the same building in which you found the Prism!

Trace and the Apparatus Location in Fortnite

Simply head up the stairs and you’ll find the NPC waiting for you. Interact with him to hand over the Prism and your quest will be complete.

Knowing that Trace and the Apparatus are so close by turns this mission into a cakewalk, but Fortnite is relatively unclear about telling players where they need to go.

Where to Find Trace at the Apparatus
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