Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is filled with mysterious vaults and keys, but where are they all hiding?

If you’re enjoying the new Season 4 update, chances are you’ve noticed a few new additions to the Fortnite island. Not only is everything a little more Chrome than it used to be, but there’s new loot to be found too!

But the best loot of all is hiding away inside Fortnite’s new vaults. Both Low-Security and High-Security vaults are now dotted all across the map, but what are these mysterious locations and how do you open them?

What Is a Vault in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4?

Fortnite’s new vaults are loot-filled locations that will be locked when you come across them on the island.

Both Low-Security and High-Security vaults are hiding around the map, and the higher security an area is, the better the loot inside is!

Wondering why the island looks this way now? Check out the Fortnite Paradise reveal trailer here.

How to Open a Vault in Fortnite

To open a Low-Security vault in Fortnite, you’ll need to find a Key, and hold Square / X / E to use it and open the vault. However, for High-Security vaults, players will need two Keys in their possession.

It’s worth tracking these new drops down, as the higher-tier vaults will contain even more exciting loot to help you win that Victory Royale.

However, to find a new EvoChrome weapon, you’ll need to search specific locations in Fortnite.

Fortnite Vaults

Where to Find Vault Keys

Vault Keys are found in Chests or even as floor loot around the island in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. The Keys are rare drops, but they’re essential when it comes to finding incredible loot.

Once you’ve got your hands on one or two, it’s time to take them to a vault!

What Does a Key Do in Fortnite?

Collecting a Key in Fortnite will mark all vaults on your map. If you take one (or two for some High-Tier locations) to a vault, you’ll be able to use it to open up the locked container!

Inside is some incredible loot, with plenty of rare chests, and other items just waiting to be collected.

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All Fortnite Vault Map Locations

All Vaults in Fortnite Season 4 Locations
  • Northwest of Logjam Junction
  • Inside Rave Cave (Double Lock)
  • South of Rave Cave
  • On the North side of the River to the West of Rave Cave
  • On the coast to the West of Greasy Grove
  • West of Chonker’s Speedway
  • South of Cloudy Condos
  • In the center of Tilted Towers (Double Lock)
  • Southwest of Tilted Towers
  • Inside Lustrous Lagoon (Double Lock)
  • Northeast of Lustrous Lagoon, West of the Aztec ruins
  • On the island to the West of Last Legs
  • Between Shimmering Shrine and Cloudy Condos (Double Lock)
  • East of Coney Crossroads by the lakeside
  • Northeast of Rocky Reels, across the river

When they collect one or more Keys in the new update, Fortnite players will see keyhole signs on the map to help them uncover a vault’s location. However, with our handy map, you’ll be able to head straight to the vault locations and find a key along the way!

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