With the Sharpshooter Easter egg, Forsaken players can upgrade their weapons for free in Cold War Zombies.

If you’re diving headfirst into the final Cold War Zombies map this weekend, you’ll need to know exactly what the map has to offer. And with one of the best conclusions to a Zombies experience yet, Forsaken is definitely one of our favorite maps in recent history.

When it comes to early game, you’ve got a few things to focus on in the new Zombies map. First of all, you’ll need to turn on the power and end lockdown.

After that, be sure to check out the fastest way to unlock the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in-game!


But before you get your hands on the powerful new Chrysalax, why not upgrade some of your weapons for free? With the new Forsaken Sharpshooter Easter egg, you can do just that!

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Forsaken Sharpshooter Easter Egg Guide – Free Weapon Upgrades

When you complete the Sharpshooter Easter egg in Forsaken, you’ll be able to get a free weapon upgrade for your pistol or sniper.

Forsaken Pistol Gun Range

Forsaken Pistol Gun Range - Forsaken Sharpshooter Easter Egg Guide - Free Weapon Upgrades
  • To get started, grab yourself a Pistol of any kind and head over to Anytown West.
  • In the flowerbed to the North-West, you’ll discover a document with a Pistol on it. Pick it up.
  • Directly ahead of of the document, a number of targets will spring up inside the American Records and Tapes store.
  • Shoot down each target without missing any and your pistol will upgrade itself by one tier!

Be warned, this is only a once-per-game event, and if you miss out you won’t get another chance at it.

Sniper Rifle Gallery Easter Egg

Forsaken Sniper Rifle Range - Sharpshooter Easter Egg Guide
  • This time, get yourself a sniper rifle, complete with a scope. You may also want to Pack-a-Punch the weapon to give it more ammunition per magazine.
  • Head to the Video Store Rooftop and you’ll find the sniper document on top of a metal vent.
  • Once you grab it, a number of targets will appear on the buildings across the street, beginning at the left and slowly appearing further to the right.
  • Using Ring of Fire’s upgrades to take bullets directly from your magazine without reloading is advised here, as sniper rifles have notoriously long reload times.
  • Once all targets are knocked, your sniper rifle will upgrade in rarity!

As with the Pistol Easter egg, this is a one-time-only event so be careful not to miss.

Thanks to MrRoflWaffles for this extremely helpful guide! You can see the Sharpshooter Easter egg in action right here:

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