There’s a new ‘God Mode’ glitch in the Forsaken Cold War Zombies map and it makes you invincible! Who knows what round you could get to by using this?

The Season 6 Cold War Zombies map Forsaken has only been out for a few days so players are still trying to find all of the secrets that map holds.

However, players have now found something that might be even better – a God Mode glitch. This lets players become totally invincible and survive forever in Forsaken.

Although, it’s not easy to do. Follow all of the steps below to get God Mode in Forsaken and become totally invincible.

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How to Get God Mode & Invincibility in Cold War Zombies Forsaken

Forsaken has a number of secrets including a Ronald Raygun pizza delivery easter egg as well as a hidden ARC-XD racetrack. However, if you want to make completing these easier, we recommend using God Mode.

Follow these steps to activate God Mode in Forsaken:

  • Get 250 blue Salvage and use that to buy a Chopper Gunner.
  • Turn on the power and end the lockdown.
  • Activate the Pack-a-Punch machine and equip the Dead Wire ammo mod to your weapon.
  • Head over to the Arcade, which is full of Easter Egg mini games and stand in front of the machine called Activision Grand Prix.
  • Kill a zombie in front of the machine with your Dead Wire weapon to turn it on. If turned on, it will display the option to deploy an ARC-XD for 2000 essence.
  • While standing in front of the machine with over 2000 essence, call in your Chopper Gunner and immediately deploy the ARC-XD.
  • If done correctly, you will call in the Chopper Gunner and then go straight into the ARC-XD.
  • Explode the ARC-XD and you will now be in God Mode in the Forsaken Zombies map. Nothing will be able to damage you!

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Getting God Mode in Forsaken is easy as that! Just make sure you follow the instructions closely as every step is crucial – and you can check out Grrae’s video on it below if you get stuck.

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