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Forsaken: All Perk Machine Locations – Cold War Zombies

If you’re trying to figure out where all of the Perk Machines are in the new Forsaken Zombies map, we’ve got you covered.

Forsaken is the latest addition to the ever-popular Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War. However, success is definitely not guaranteed without the help of Perks!

And with Forsaken bringing back a classic Perk, the PHD Flopper, you’ll definitely want to try it out as soon as you can.

With this in mind we have compiled all of the Perk Machine locations in Forsaken, for your convenience. So, let’s get started.

But first, you may want to know how to play the Nacht Der Untoten Easter Egg in Forsaken, in order to unlock some additional rewards!

Forsaken Zombies Nacht Der Toten
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Cold War Zombies Forsaken Perk Locations

Here is the location of all of the Perk machines in Cold War Zombies Forsaken, in order to help you survive against the undead scourge.

Death Perception

The Death Perception Perk can be found in the Staging Area, right in the corner of the map next to the Teleporter and chain-link fence.

Death Perception Perk Machine Forsaken
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Perhaps one of the most iconic Perks in Call of Duty Zombies. Juggernog can be found in Checkpoint next to one of the concrete pillars and beside the stairs leading up to another Teleporter.

Juggernog Perk Machine Forsaken
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Stamin’ Up

When choosing which door to open when ending the lockdown & turning on the power in Forsaken, make sure you choose the left-hand door, as this will allow you to grab the Stamin’ Up Perk.

Stamin' Up Perk Forsaken
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Tombstone Soda

If you head out of this building and towards the corner of Main Street, you will see the Tombstone Soda Machine in the corner underneath the Pinball sign. There’s also the Arcade right nearby if you fancy giving the Arcade Games a try.

Tombstone Soda Perk
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Quick Revive

The Quick Revive Perk Machine can be found relatively close to the Tombstone Soda Perk. In fact, it’s right next to it at the CD Station store! Just look for the pink neon sign.

Quick Revive Perk Forsaken
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Speed Cola

Speed Cola is located higher up in the Rooftops. Although, you’ll have to access it through the Main Street Teleporter. Cross the walkway between the two buildings and you’ll see it illuminated in front of you.

Speed Cola Perk
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Mule Kick

Head towards the ground floor of the Video Store and you’ll easily come across the Mule Kick Perk in Forsaken.

Mule Kick Perk Machine
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Deadshot Daiquiri

Feeling thirsty for a Deadshot Daiquiri? Then head to the Bar 1F location in the eastern-most part of the map in order to locate the next Perk machine.

Deadshot Daiquiri Perk
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Elemental Pop

Next up, simply turn left from where the Deadshot Daiquiri Perk Machine is and jump through the Burger Town window, here you’ll find the Elemental Pop Perk on the other side.

Elemental Pop Perk
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PHD Slider

The PHD Slider perk is located at the top of the map in the Observation Tower. But, be warned you will slowly take damage in this area due to the Aetherium Crystal radiation, so grab what you need and get out fast!

Also, you will need to end the lockdown first before being able to access this area.

PHD Flopper Perk
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Der Wunderfizz

Der Wunderfizz is a little easier to obtain. Simply head to the Bunker area and continue through until you reach the Office. After that you will find the Der Wunderfizz Perk Machine against the wall.

Der Wunderfizz Perk
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So, that’s about it for all of the Perk Machines in Forsaken. However, do check out our other handy Forsaken guides down below:

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