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Forsaken: How to Complete Main Quest Easter Egg Guide – Cold War Zombies

Here is our definitive guide on how to complete the Main Quest Easter Egg in Black Ops Cold War’s new Zombies map, Forsaken.

The Forsaken Main Quest Easter Egg is now live, and if you’re wondering how to complete it, here is our definitive guide.

With the launch of any new Zombies map, fans can expect to come across plenty of secrets. Forsaken is no exception, there are even retro-themed Arcade Games to play in the new map!

Season 6 is ramping up into an explosive finale for Black Ops Cold War fans, so make sure check out everything that is coming in Season 6.

But before anything else, have you tried taking on the Forsaken Nacht Der Untoten Easter Egg first?

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Cold War Zombies Forsaken Main Quest – How to Complete the Easter Egg

As with any Call of Duty Zombies map, the process to complete the Easter Egg is notoriously convoluted. Luckily, we’ve broken down the steps for you:

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  • After this, you need to destroy the large Aetherium Crystals located in: Spawn, Amplifier & Rooftop. However, make sure you’ve got the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon first.
  • Now, you’ll need to destroy the orbs surrounding the Aetherium Crystals, then use the Chrysalax to destroy them.
  • Collect a Crystal which have now dropped on the ground, and head over to Fuel Processing.

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Aetherium Crystals Forsaken
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  • Next, interact with the Fuel Tanks and initiate a lockdown. Bear in mind if you’re playing with a squad, you’ll have to press this at the same time.
  • After surviving the lockdown, you’ll be given the Fuel Tank.
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  • Next, feed a Crystal Shard to an Abomination, this should turn the enemy red and reward you with a Catalysed Crystal once defeated, make sure to do this once at each location.
  • Again, using an Abomination, head over to the Board Room and get the Abomination to charge into a wall with the hanging Lunar Module
Forsaken Zombies
  • The Abomination will reveal the Housing Unit, which you need in order to build the Neutraliser.
  • After this, head to the Arcade and use Deadwire on a zombie whilst next to the Grand Prix Arcade Machine.

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Forsaken zombies deadwire
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  • This will then power-up the Arcade Machine, use it to deploy an ARC-XD!
  • Carefully drive the ARC-XD into the TV Store to destroy a vent located behind the counter.
  • There will now be a hole in the TV store wall, head inside and grab the Monitoring Device.
TV Store Forsaken
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You now have all the parts you need to build the Neutraliser!

  • Take all of the parts along with the Fuel Tank to Main Street and build the Neutraliser.
  • Make sure you’re well prepared in order to face the final boss.
  • Finally, activate the Neutraliser, listen to the storyline that follows and prepare to fight the Forsaken!
Forsaken Neutraliser
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  • Stay within the Neutraliser bubble, leaving temporarily to break the orange crystals in order to power the Neutraliser.
  • Once you reach the end of the road, it’s time to face the final boss of Cold War Zombies Forsaken.

So, that’s about it for the Main Quest Easter Egg in Forsaken. However, do check out our other handy Forsaken guides down below:

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