Let’s start right from the beginning, here is how to turn on the power in Cold War Zombies new Forsaken map.

The starting point for any new Call of Duty Zombies map is always knowing how to turn on the power, or in Forsaken’s case, ending the lockdown!

And you’ll need to do this first, if you want to make any progress in the new map. Once you’ve got the power back on, there’s also some powerful new wonder weapons to get a hold of.

So, we don’t want to leave you in the dark, here is our definitive guide to turning on the power in Forsaken, the latest COD Zombies map.

Forsaken Turn on Power

Turn on the Power & End Lockdown Guide – Forsaken

If you want to turn on the power & end the lockdown in Forsaken, here are the steps you’ll have to take:

  • First things first, head on over to the Staging Area, interact with the Teleporter and then survive for 30 seconds.
  • Next, head towards the Observation Tower (which should be marked with an icon)
  • Open the door and drop down to the street below, you can then choose to open either the left or right building.
  • Both buildings will lead to the next Teleporter, so head inside and through to the next location.
  • Buy open the door in front of you, and head across the Rooftops to yet another Teleporter.
  • However, you’ll need to repair this Teleporter first using four Repair Parts scattered around the map.

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  • The parts can be found at random locations, although they are marked on your map.
  • Next, repair the Teleporter and head through it, then buy the locked door on the other side (marked with an icon)
  • There’s yet another Teleporter, except this time be prepared to fight a tough enemy.
  • After this, go through the Teleporter and you’ll be in a new area, complete with Pack-A-Punch machine and the Power Switch.

And, voila! You’ve successfully turned on the power in Forsaken. Now you’re ready to face even bigger challenges.

Therefore, why don’t you give the Forsaken Main Easter Egg a try, using our helpful guide? There’s also the entire early patch notes for Cold War Season 6 right here.

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