Find out where to get Arcade Tokens and all of the Arcade Games you can play in the new Forsaken Cold War Zombies map.

The wait is over and players are finally hopping into the new Cold War Zombies map, Forsaken. However, one of the highlights of the map comes in the form of some unexpected minigames.

Forsaken has three Arcade Games that players can jump into from within the map and one of them takes players back to a classic Zombies level too!

However, the Arcade Games in Forsaken aren’t free -you’ll need to find how to get the Arcade Tokens first.

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Forsaken Pack-a-Punch

Where to Find Arcade Tokens in Forsaken – Cold War Zombies

Having fun in the Arcade comes at a cost. Luckily, there are two ways you can get Arcade Tokens in Forsaken.

  • Before you can get any tokens, you’ll need to switch on the power and end the lockdown.
  • The first way you can get Arcade Tokens is by killing Zombies. Sometimes Zombies drop Arcade Tokens when you kill them – they are a glowing blue color and are ‘Ultra’ rarity, so you can’t miss them.
  • Secondly, you can actually buy Arcade Tokens from a machine in the Arcade. These cost a hefty 10,000 essence though, so you’re probably better off zombie-slaying.

Once you’ve gotten some tokens you’ll want to go and find the games in the Arcade that you can play.

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Cold War Zombies Forsaken

All Forsaken Arcade Games & Rewards

  • The first Arcade Machine is called Enduro. This transports players to an obstacle course where you have to weave and jump your way through as the new ARC-XD Scorestreak to collect all of the essence.
    • The reward for this machine is a load of essence.
  • Next, players can also spend their Arcade Token on the Call of Duty World at War Arcade Machine. This transports you to classic Zombies map Nahct Der Untoten where you will have to wipe out 3 waves of undead.
    • For completing this, you will get a huge amount of Salvage that you can spend.
  • Finally, players can play the Der Eisendrache Pinballl Machine. This tasks you with completing one of the Dragon challenges from Outbreak where you need to eliminate Zombies within the circle.
    • There are plenty of rewards you could get for completing this Arcade Machine, including Perks, Scorestreaks and even a free Chrysalax Wonder Weapon.

And that’s all you need to know about the Arcade Tokens and Games in the new Forsaken Zombies map. Which one of them will you be playing first?

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Also, thanks to Watchful Wolf for explaining all of the Forsaken Arcade Machines in his new YouTube video.

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