The only thing better than a Wonder Weapon is a free Wonder Weapon – here’s how to get the Chrysalax in Forsaken, free of charge!

The brand-new Forsaken Zombies map only launched a few hours ago. However, players have already worked out a method of getting the new Chrysalax Wonder Weapon for totally free!

Earlier, we revealed the fastest way to get the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken, but that will cost some precious essence.

In Zombies, time is not money so you’ll want to spend all the essence you get wisely. Luckily, we have just the solution for sensible spenders who still want to get their hands on the shapeshifting Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken.

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Forsaken Chrysalax Wonder Weapon

Free Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken Guide

Follow these steps to get the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken for free:

  • Like most secrets in the map, you need to find out how to turn on the power in Forsaken first.
  • Continue to kill Zombies and collect the Arcade Tokens that some of them drop. These are pretty easy to notice with their blue glow and gold ‘Ultra’ rarity when you howver over one.
  • You can alternatively purchase these tokens from the Arcade, but we don’t recommend this as they cost a hefty 10,000 essence each.
  • Head over to the Arcade and find the Der Eisendrache Pinballl Machine.
  • Use an Arcade Token on the machine and you’ll be transported elsewhere to complete a challenge.
  • This challenge is the same as the Dragons in Outbreak – kill Zombies within the circle until you fill up the bars by the side of the Dragon.
  • Once you have done this, you will be rewarded with a gold chest.
  • This chest can contain Perks, Scorestreaks, very rare loot items and even the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon.
  • If you don’t get a free Wonder Weapon on your first try, just give the Der Eisendrahce Pinball Machine another go – all you need is another Arcade Token.

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And that’s how you unlock the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon for free in the new Cold War Zombies map Forsaken. Let’s hope you get lucky with the chest!

Once you get it, you’ll also want to know how to Pack-a-Punch in Forsaken to make the most of this powerful weapon!

Also, thanks to YouTuber Fili Zi for revealing this free Wonder Weapon trick on the new Forsaken Zombies map.

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