Yet another Easter Egg has been found in the new Cold War Zombies map Forsaken and it’ll let you get a free Ray Gun for delivering pizzas!

The Ray Gun is one of the most iconic, and powerful, weapons in Call of Duty Zombies. However, obtaining one isn’t easy.

The Ray Gun has returned in the new Cold War Zombies map Forsaken, but it is very well hidden behind a fun Easter Egg. Who knew that getting a Ray Gun was as simple as delivering some pizzas for a mohawked skeleton?

This isn’t the only Forsaken Easter Egg you’ll want to complete though:

Forsaken Zombies

How to Get A Free Ray Gun in Forsaken – Cold War Zombies

Zombies fans have already worked out how to get a free Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken, but this isn’t the only powerful weapon you can get for free.

Follow these steps to get a Ray Gun in the new Forsaken Zombies map:

  • Before you hop into Forsaken, you’ll want to equip Tier 3 upgraded Aether Shroud as your Field Upgrade.
  • Turn the power on and end the lockdown on Forsaken.
  • Head over to the Beach Pizza building.
  • As you walk through the entrance, turn left – you will see a closed door next to the counter.
  • Use Aether Shorud when standing right in front of this door to teleport through it.
  • This will teleport you into a secert room with punk skeleton Ronald Raygun.
  • Pick up one of the 4 pizzas on the table and deliver it to one of the 4 open pizza boxes found around the map within 44 seconds to complete the ‘Anytown Order’ mission.
  • For every pizza you deliver in Forsaken, you can return to Ronald Raygun and ‘request payment’ to get a reward – one of these rewards will be a free Ray Gun.

However, to deliver the pizzas, you’ll need to know the locations of the 4 open pizza boxes.

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Forsaken Zombies Ronald Raygun

Ronald Raygun ‘Anytown Order’ Pizza Delivery Box Locations

These are the locations of the empty pizza boxes in Forsaken. Each one you deliver gives you the chance of getting a free Ray Gun in Forsaken!

  • On the bottom floor of the video store, in the back corner of the room next to a mannequin.
Forsaken Zombies Raygun Pizza Box Video Store
  • As you enter the cinema, this pizza box will be on a bench next to 2 seated mannequins.
Forsaken raygun Easter Egg - Pizza Box Location Cinema
  • On the booth table in the back corner of the bar.
Forsaken raygun Easter Egg - Pizza Box Location Bar
  • In Burger Town on the back center table.
Forsaken raygun Easter Egg - Pizza Box Location Burger Town

And those are all of the pizza delivery Easter Egg locations in Forsaken – just make sure to head back to Ronald Raygun afterward to claim your free rewards.

If it’s powerful weapons you’re after, then we have another guide you might be interested in too. Here’s the fastest way to get the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken.

Also thanks to MrWilliamThor for putting together a handy video on how to complete this Easter Egg and get a free Ray Gun in Forsaken.

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