If you want to race an ARC-XD on Forsaken and earn rewards for your efforts – you’re in luck thanks to this new Easter egg.

Treyarch’s final Black Ops Cold War Zombies map is packed full of Easter eggs to uncover. However, thanks to the talented Zombies fanbase, we may have already seen them all.

In our complete guide to Forsaken, we go over every Easter egg you can find in the new map. And this one might just be our favorite.

ARC-XD Race Easter Egg - Forsaken Black Ops Cold War Zombies

As it turns out, you can compete in an ARC-XD race, either solo or against friends, while playing Forsaken. This is one of the coolest discoveries since the reveal that Nacht Der Untoten is playable in-game again!

Forsaken RC-XD Race – Cold War Zombies

Here’s how to take part in an ARC-XD race while playing Cold War Zombies on the new Forsaken map.

  • First, you’ll need to get hold of the new PHD Slider Perk from this location.
  • Next, head to the second floor of the Bar, where you’ll see an old, inactive arcade machine near the top of the stairs.
  • Slide into a zombie near this machine to defeat it with PHD Slider, and you’ll see the machine turn on.
  • Then, get hold of an Arcade Token from around Forsaken and use it on the machine. You’ll need one Token per participating player.
  • After that, it’s a race to the finish line! Players must finish within 1:40 to earn a Legendary reward of 5000 essence, though smaller amounts of essence are also up for grabs depending on how quick you are around the track.
Forsaken RC-XD Race - Cold War Zombies

This is one of those Easter eggs that you should aim to complete every single time, just like upgrading your guns for free in Forsaken!

Then, hardcore fans can start working on the Aether Bunny Easter Egg which requires more preparation!

Thanks to GregFPS for showing off the new ARC-XD Forsaken Easter Egg in action below:

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