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Hilarious FIFA 21 Glitch Involves Player Flying in The Air – VIDEO

This FIFA 21 pre-match Skill Game quickly got out of hand when a player was sent flying through the air. Watch the hilarious FIFA 21 Glitch below.

A staple of the FIFA franchise for many years, Skill Games offer players quick and fun competition on the pitch. One of the best features of Skill Games is that you can play while you wait.

Where other titles have routine loading screen's, FIFA offers gamers with the ability to play Skill Games while their Kick Off match loads. Though we're not sure we've ever seen one quite like this.

For FIFA 21 player and Reddit user u/snil61 the game experience was anything but normal. A Madrid Derby waited in the wings as the two contestants took part in a seemingly supernatural Skill Game.

FIFA 21 Hilarious Glitch Sends Player Flying

While the Kick Off match loaded it seemed to be a friendly competition of a Shooting Skill Game. Each contestant faced with obstacles to dribble through before pinging a shot onto a target.

However, the user controlling Eden Hazard would soon experience a glitch in the system. Retrieving the ball and attempting to dribble and shoot, Hazard was launched through the air vanishing from sight.

What may be even more confusing is that a ball somehow ended up in the net, with Hazard nowhere to be seen. It also doesn't appear as though either of the users clicked Start to end the Skill Game.

It's unclear if u/snil61 was controlling Hazard when the glitch took place. As each of the Kick Off game players control one side of the pre-match Skill game.

Watch below and try to make sense of the video yourself.

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