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Fleeting Lights Honkai Star Rail: How to Unlock the Forgotten Hall

Help Pom-Pom and get yourself some excellent rewards!

Honkai Star Rail players that complete the Fleeting Lights quest will unlock the Forgotten Hall, a new challenge area that offers an abundance of rewards.

Here’s how to complete the quest and everything you can get your hands on:

How to Get the Fleeting Lights Quest in Honkai Star Rail

To receive the Fleeting Lights Quest, players must first reach Trailblaze Level 20 by progressing the main story and side quests.

After that, they’ll soon get a message from Pom-Pom, the conductor of the Astral Express, with the subject line ‘Hello?’

Note: There doesn’t seem to be an exact requirement for the Fleeting Lights quest message to appear. Players are reporting seeing it arrive between Trailblaze Levels 20-23.

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Credit: ZaFrostPet

Pull up your messages and reply to Pom-Pom who will tell you to come back to the Astral Express immediately.

The sidequest Fleeting Lights will then be unlocked.

Strange Occurrence Location in Fleeting Lights – Honkai Star Rail

The strange occurrence that Pom-Pom asks you to find is the cracked mirror in the corner of the Astral Express seating area.

Investigate it and you’ll be able to either ask others about it or investigate once more.

Fleeting Lights Quest Strange Occurrence Location Honkai Star Rail
Credit: ZaFrostPet

Interact with the mirror and you’ll meet a Messenger from the Garden of Recollection. She’ll be staying on the Astral Express from now on and giving the Trailblazer access to the Forgotten Hall.

To complete the Fleeting Lights quest, simply complete the battle in the Forgotten Hall once, then talk to Pom-Pom again.

What Is the Forgotten Hall in Honkai Star Rail?

The Forgotten Hall is a Honkai Star Rail activity that will earn players rewards for completing stages in as few turns as possible.

The quicker a team can clear the trials within, the more rewards they’ll earn for doing so. There are a few terms you’ll need to know when entering the Forgotten Hall:

  • Memory Turbulence: This special environmental mechanism gives your characters a special buff for the duration of the stage.
  • Objectives: Completing each of the Objectives provided when entering a Memory will lead to bonus rewards upon completion.
  • Cycles: Each stage will give players a select number of Cycles (AKA combat turns) they need to complete the encounter within. Running out of Cycles will lead to failing the Memory.
Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall
Credit: ZaFrostPet

The Forgotten Hall is separated into two categories: Memory, and Memory of Chaos.

Memory / Memory of Chaos Modes

In Memory, players will face off in 15 set stages which unlock as they progress through Honkai Star Rail’s main story. Each offers a selection of one-time-only rewards for their first successful completion.

In Memory of Chaos, an endgame mode, players will take part in 10 generated stages that roll different challenges and modifiers on a regular basis. But completing this Forgotten Hall task will lead to earning extremely valuable rewards, including premium currency Stellar Jade.

Players should make sure to complete Memory of Chaos regularly, much like their Honkai Star Rail Daily Missions.

Memory and Memory of Chaos Honkai Star Rail

All Forgotten Hall Rewards in Honkai Star Rail

By completing Forgotten Hall’s Memory stages, players will earn the following rewards:

  • Adventure Log x50
  • Condensed Aether x30
  • Credits x250,000
  • Lost Crystal x140
  • Lucent Afterglow x500
  • Refined Aether x40
  • Traveler’s Guide x50

But while those are all excellent incentives, the real draw of the Forgotten Hall arrives when you start completing the Memory of Chaos endgame grind.

By completing the Memory of Chaos, players can earn the following rewards:

  • Credits 200,000
  • Stellar Jade x600

With premium currency up for grabs, you’ll definitely want to capitalize on the Forgotten Hall rewards in Honkai Star Rail after each reset!

After all, you’ll need a lot of Stellar Jade if you want to unlock all of Honkai: Star Rail’s playable characters!

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