There’s a new error making the rounds in MW2 and if you’re seeing ‘No Supported DXGI Adapter’ popping up in-game, we’ve got the fix.

Since the game finally launched, there has been no shortage of errors in Modern Warfare 2. It seems that a new Call of Duty title will always have more than its fair share of bugs to contend with.

But the ‘No Supported DXGI Adapter Found’ error is perhaps the most frustrating yet, locking players out of enjoying the game entirely.

What Is the No Supported DXGI Adapter Found Error in MW2?

The ‘no supported DXGI adapter were found’ error is a pop-up appearing for MW2 players on PC when attempting to boot up Activision’s latest shooter. Users that see this error are unable to play Modern Warfare 2 without using the fix below.

This pop-up gives little other information, except asking the user to verify that their graphics card meets MW2’s minimum requirements and that their drivers are up to date.

DXGI ADAPTER ERROR Fix Modern Warfare 2

Thankfully, there’s a fix that should get you playing again in no time.

How to Fix No Supported DXGI Adapter Found on

  • First, follow our guide on updating your graphics card drivers here.
  • Then, on the MW2 game page, click the gear beside the Play button and click ‘Check for Update‘.
  • If there’s an update, try pressing Play once it’s complete and you may be able to boot up with no issues.
Fix No Adapter Found MW2
  • If you’re still getting the No Supported Adapter pop-up, hit the gear again and choose ‘Scan and Repair‘.
  • Wait for a minute for the scanning to take place.
  • Then the blue Play button may say Update.
  • Click Update and it should change into Play, and you should find the error is gone!

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How to Fix No Supported DXGI Adapted Found on Steam

Steam Verify Game Files
  • Check Automatic Updates are set to ‘Always keep this game updated‘.
  • Then choose Local Files and click ‘Verify integrity of game files‘.
  • Once this process is complete, click Play and your MW2 should boot up with no issues!

How to Update Your Graphics Card Drivers for MW2

  • First, you’ll want to install and open either NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition, based on whether you have an NVIDIA or AMD graphics card.
    • To check what graphics card you’re currently using, click your windows search bar and type ‘Device Manager’
    • Press Enter, then find Display adapters and click the arrow to the left to see your GPU name in the dropdown menu.
How to Check What Graphics Card You're Using
  • On NVIDIA GeForce Experience, open the Drivers tab and hit Download. Then hit Express Installation once the download is complete.
  • On AMD Adrenalin, hit Check for Updates underneath Driver & Software on the Home page. Then install the driver update if one appears.
  • The processes above will ensure you have the latest GPU drivers installed, for a flawless gaming experience.
How to Update NVIDIA or AMD Graphics Driver
NVIDIA GeForce Experience (Left) AMD Adrenalin (Right)

While you’re fiddling around with settings, why not take the time to ensure you’re running MW2’s best settings for best performance and visuals here?

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