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Fix For Warzone Buy Station Freezing & Crashing Glitch Coming Soon

The frustrating Warzone glitch that causes crashes and freezing when using Buy Stations is finally getting a fix!

Buying powerful killstreaks and equipment can give you an advantage in Warzone. However, players have been struggling to spend their hard-earned cash in Caldera recently.

For over two weeks, using Buy Stations in Warzone has caused the game to freeze or crash. This has ruined countless games and is yet another factor contributing to the fan outrage with the game right now.

Things are getting so bad that many Warzone players have stopped playing until Raven fixes the problems. But it’s not all bad news.

Luckily, it looks like developer Raven Software is addressing this game-breaking bug.

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Warzone Pacific New Buy Station Freezing & Crashing Glitch in Caldera

Warzone Buy Station Freezing & Crashing Bug – Fix Coming in Update

Many players are asking for Verdansk to return in Warzone. It’s no surprise when Caldera has so many glitches at the moment.

However, Raven Software has now confirmed that is it working to fix one of the most frustrating glitches in the game right now. This is thanks to the official Warzone Trello page where the developer posts details about upcoming updates.

No fix for this Buy Station issue is scheduled to arrive in Warzone just yet. However, the post says that Raven Software is actively investigating the issue.

Unfortunately, Raven still isn’t working to fix the invisible operator skin that is ruining Warzone right now, though.

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Hopefully, a fix for the Warzone Buy Station glitch, along with fixes with other bugs, will be coming in an update very soon. Otherwise, fan opinion of Raven Software could get even lower.

As it is, many players already want Raven to be replaced as Warzone developer so leaving these game-breaking bugs in the game for much longer could turn even more fans against the studio.

In other news, it’s not just the bugs and glitches in the Warzone Pacific update that is driving players away from the game. After just a month on the new map, many Warzone fans are already bored and fed up with Caldera.

On a more positive note though, Warzone is about to get one of its best crossovers so far. Here’s everything we know so far about the Attack on Titan Warzone store bundle – this could be the most popular skin yet!

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