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How to Clean the Fish Tank in Star Wars Jedi Survivor & All Fish Locations

Fill Pyloon's Saloon with life and meet Jedi Survivor's best side character!

Near the start of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players gain access to Pyloon’s Saloon and a rather dirty fish tank. In his spare time, Cal Kestis can return to the saloon and take care of the aquarium, including giving it a good clean.

When you first arrive, the fish tank is green and filthy. Thankfully, there is a way to scrub it up and get it looking clean.

Jedi Survivor: How to Clean the Fish Tank

To clean the Pyloon’s Saloon fish tank, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players need to find Skoova Stev, a fisherman who will take over looking after the aquarium for Cal.

Stev is first located in Foothill Falls on Koboh but you’ll need to find him multiple times to get the tank clean.

Talking to the fisherman in Foothill Falls will send him to the second floor of Pyloon’s Saloon. It’ll also cause him to appear in other fishing spots around the world.

Skoova Stev in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Skoova Stev in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Encountering him again in various fishing spots around Koboh and Jedha will lead to more of Stev’s catches ending up in the tank.

And each time a new fish enters the aquarium, it’ll also get a little bit cleaner.

There is no way to manually clean the tank, but finding Stev in fishing spots around Koboh (and a couple on Jedha) will automatically clean up the waters.

After four fish are deposited in the tank, the aquarium will be fully clean. However, completionists will want to find all 12 Skoova Stev locations to get a reward.

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Jedi Survivor: Where to All Fish Locations

Before getting the ability to encounter Skoova Stev in the wild, Jedi: Survivor players must first find him in the Foothill Falls on Koboh.

The location, shown below, is just uphill from Pyloon’s Saloon, where you encounter Greez.

Where to Find Skoova Stev in Jedi Survivor
Skoova Stev’s first fishing location

There, Stev will catch Cal his first fish, the See Fish and he’ll then appear at the following locations with a new catch at each:


  • Devastated Settlement – Blinding Rayfish
  • Gorge Crash Site – Frilled Newt
  • Mountain Ascent – Mee
  • Nekko Pools – Blue-Finned Crayfish
  • Phon’Qi Caverns – Viscid Lurker
  • Rambler’s Reach – Fingerlip Garpon
  • Rift Passage – Big Mouth Faa
  • Smuggler’s Tunnel – Barbed Hookfish
  • Viscid Bog – Glottsamcrab


  • Anchorite Base – Snakefish
  • Crypt of Uhrma – Fantailed Laa

To earn the Skoova Diving Trophy/Achievement, players must find Skoova Stev at all 12 of these locations and have him catch a fish for the aquarium.

Bear in mind that some of the fishing spots will require abilities that Cal will get later in the story. However, none of the fish are missable, so take your time – the fish tank will always be waiting!

This guide by HarryNinetyFour on YouTube reveals exactly where to find each fish in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, if you’re having trouble finding Stev:

When you’ve encountered the fisherman a few times in Jedi: Survivor, not only will the fish tank be clean but you’ll also have a lot more fish to look at!

And while you’re tracking down those fish, did you know you can also get a red lightsaber in Jedi: Survivor?

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