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First Vanguard Zombies Map Will Be ‘War of the Dead’ Leaks Suggest

It seems that Call of Duty Vanguard’s first map will be called War of the Dead!

We don’t expect to be getting too much Vanguard Zombies information just yet. After all, the focus is currently firmly on Multiplayer, with this weekend’s Vanguard Beta going live very soon.

However, today is turning out to be a strangely busy day for leaks – thanks to the new Vanguard files that dataminers are currently delving through.

Vanguard Zombies
(Source: Activision)

Recently, we found out that Vanguard won’t have a Zombies map at launch! But if this leak is true, it seems a new game mode entirely will be taking its place.

Now, the WW2 shooter’s first Zombies experience may be revealed, thanks to the game’s achievements leaking early.

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Vanguard Season 1 Zombies Map Is War of the Dead

Although the game’s first round-based Zombies map won’t be coming at launch, War of the Dead should drop with Vanguard Season 1.

According to Vanguard’s achievement list, dataminers report that the game’s first Zombies experience will be called ‘??? of the Dead’.

Right now, the question marks are hiding the map’s true name, but insiders such as MargwaBot, and TheGhostOfHope are reporting that the hidden word is War.

With that in mind, War of the Dead will likely be coming alongside Vanguard Season 1 in late November 2021. Be sure to take this new information with a pinch of salt, however, as nothing is official just yet.

Interestingly, it looks like Field Upgrades are making a return in Vanguard Zombies, this time named Artifacts. Two of the Ritual of the Dead Vanguard achievements reference both the Frost Blast, and Energy Mine Artifacts, which points at many prior features returning.

After all, Vanguard Zombies is being developed by Treyarch, so we expect a similar experience to that of Cold War at launch.

It also seems that players will be able to sacrifice hearts in the new Zombies map, though we don’t know what benefit this brings. To get the Bakers Dozen achievement, Vanguard Zombies players will need to sacrifice 13 Hearts in ??? of the Dead.

Recently, Treyarch revealed our final Black Ops Cold War Zombies map which drops in Season 6. After that, it appears the developer’s Zombies division will be working entirely on Vanguard.

But you’ll need to wait until All Hallows Eve to hear more about Vanguard Zombies officially. Thankfully, we’ve got an array of datamined content to keep us in the know.

That’s how we know that Mason is coming to Warzone and Cold War in Season 6 too!

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