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First PS5 Won In Burger King Promotion

Sony’s Burger King promotion has found its first PS5 winner since the competition started earlier this month.

The lucky winner took to Reddit to share his good fortune, showing the message they received from Sony and Burger King. The announcement confirms that they are one of the select few winners, then provides them with the next steps to claim their free PS5 console.

After the Reddit post, the winner experienced a wave of comments congratulating them on their luck, with others warmly expressing their envy too!

Burger Kings Gaming History

One thing that makes this promotion extra exciting is the Burger King promotion commercial, as it gave fans their first glimpse of the PS5s start-up sound. It may be a small detail, but it sent the PS5 hype train into overtime!

Another interesting detail that makes this campaign special is that Burger King promotions are traditionally with Microsoft- not Sony.

Burger King promotions are usually associated with Xbox consoles instead of PlayStations. Although for this generation, the fast-food giant has chosen to support Microsoft’s long-term rival instead.

This partnership was surprising when it was announced, like Microsoft, Burger King is an American company. With Sony being Japanese.

However, cross-promotions are relatively common between different nations. But it was Burger King's passed loyalties that made it surprising.

The Hype For PS5 Grows

Sony seemingly has the most momentum heading into the upcoming console war, but we’re a month away from launch. So it’s still anybody’s game to win.

Since the Burger King promotion commercial, Sony has revealed a lot more details about the PS5, giving us a detailed look at the console inside and out. This includes the console’s UI and start-up sounds, menus.

The company released an 11-minute video showing off the PS5 User Experience. This gave fans the first detailed look of the console in action.

The competition is one of several partnerships Sony has struck up with food companies. They’ve also awarded PS5s as prizes on Doritos packets too.

We’d like to also join Reddit in congratulating user u/nonperishableone for his win! Enjoy your new PS5! We hope our next trip to Burger King yields the same results!


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