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The First PS5 Game Has Been Officially Manufactured

The PS5 hype train is back on the rails it would seem. Today marks the day that the first ever PlayStation 5 game was manufactured, and is now ready to hit game store shelves.

The news comes courtesy of Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford. Who took an exciting series of selfies with a newly minted edition of PS5 exclusive Godfall.

Although, we have a strong suspicion that Randy may be taking this title home with him today. His face in the picture is a dead giveaway!

It’s a significant story because it means that PS5 game production is now well underway. Games are finished and ready to be shipped to gamers all over the world.

It means the PlayStation 5 now edges closer to be being current gen. That the term 'next gen' won’t be used again until the first rumblings of the PlayStation 6 start to appear.

Why Godfall Is Important As The First PS5 Game

It's fitting that Godfall is the first PlayStation 5 game to be manufactured. Not only is the game a Sony exclusive, but it’s also a non-cross-gen title, release will be on PS5 – and PS5 only.

Games that are also getting a PS4 release may not carry the same level of significance. So, in all honesty, we’re glad it was Godfall.

Godfall was recently shown off in a 40-minute video presentation, displaying the power of the PS5 in all its glory.

The video displayed a range of titles, including Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and more. But Godfall was the game that really stood out.

The game has a lot to prove, we can see from the footage that it looks great. But the title must to prove itself worthy of the PS5 – and not be some tech demo for 4K gaming.

After all, 4K resolution and 60fps are desirable to be sure, but it’s fun that matters the most.

Learn more about the 40 min PS5 footage here.


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