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First PlayStation Direct UK PS5 Restock Dropping This Week – November

Good news for Playstation fans in the United Kingdom – PS Direct is holding its first-ever UK PS5 restock later this week.

Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5, has been extremely hard to buy ever since it launched a year ago. This has been a major problem worldwide, including in the UK.

Despite this, the PS5 has recently been crowned the UK’s fastest-selling PlayStation console ever and plenty more will continue to be sold. This is partially thanks to the new PlayStation Direct UK store.

Finally, we now have a confirmed date for the first PlayStation Direct PS5 restock in the UK and it’s taking place later this week!

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PS Direct UK PS5 Restock – November 17

In the US, PlayStation Direct PS5 restocks require an email invite to get access. It looks like this will be the same for the UK and Europe store too.

PlayStation Direct has long been a reliable source of PS5s for customers in the USA. However, the restocks are almost always invite-only.

This will be the same for the newly-opened PlayStation Direct UK and Europe online store.

Now this store is available in the UK, some lucky PlayStation fans have already received an email invitation. This gives them access to the upcoming PS5 restock that is dropping later this week.

Here’s how to register and get an email invite to the PlayStation Direct restocks. You’ll need to do this to have a chance of accessing the next drop.

PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock UK November 19

The first-ever PlayStation Direct restock in the UK will take place on November 19. Invited customers will have exclusive access to the online sale at 8 AM – 10 AM GMT, according to the email.

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As this purchase window is very short there is also the chance that PS5 consoles go on general sale at PS Direct after 10 AM. This happened in a recent PlayStation Direct restock where anyone could enter the queue.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t lucky enough to get a next-gen in this restock, don’t give up. A huge PS5 and Xbox Series X restock has been teased in the Argos Christmas Catalogue.

Also, we would recommend checking out our guides on how to get a PS5 from other UK retailers:

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