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First New Pokemon Unite Character Revealed

Pokemon Unite launched last week, which saw the MOBA series come to a Nintendo IP for the first time.

Similarly to League Of Legends, Pokemon Unite sees players team up for 5V5 PVP action across a battle arena. The aim of the game is to rack up as many points as possible to win the match. This is done by taking down wild Pokemon and the opponent’s team.

Despite only being a week old, the first of many new characters have been revealed.

Gardevoir is Coming to Pokemon Unite

In a tweet, the game’s official Twitter account revealed that Gardevoir will be the first new Pokemon to be added to the game.

In the trailer, we get a glimpse at some of the Ranged Attacker’s moves and how they play in-game.

Gardevoir will suit players that like to take a few steps back and attack from a distance, rather than being in the thick of it. This matches up to the Pokemon in the video games too.

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Gardevoir’s Moveset Revealed

The Pokemon’s moves are ranged, utilizing the Special Attack stat, instead of being melee focused.

Ahead of its official release, StadiumGaming has revealed the moveset for the new Ranged Attacker.

Gardevoir will start the match with Confusion, before unlocking Psychic or Moonblast at level 13. Teleport will unlock at level 4, which can then be swapped out for Psyshock or Future Sight at level 11.

The Pokemon Unite move will be Fairy Singularity which “Warps space in the designated area, drawing in opposing Pokemon. Shoves and deals damage to opposing Pokemon the instant the warped space disappears.”

The trailer didn’t show either of their pre-evolutions, Ralts and Kirlia, but we can expect to see them in the game as all Pokemon with evolutions, such as Charizard and Gengar, start off in their first form and evolve as they level up throughout the course of a match.

Gardevoir can be acquired using either Aeos coins that are earned in-game or Aeos gems that can be purchased from the in-game store using real money.

Gardevoir will become the 21st Pokemon in the game, with the game’s roster featuring a total of 20 at launch.

The new Pokemon will be joining other popular characters such as Pikachu, Charizard, Gengar, Greninja, and Lucario.

The Future Of Pokemon Unite

There are over 800 Pokemon in the game, with over 300 of them being fully evolved

This gives the developers a lot of options when it comes to future additions to the game.

On the Pokemon Unite sub-Reddit, many fans are happy with the news, but many were hoping to see Blastoise as the first new character.

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Gardevoir Upcoming Characters

Blastoise was revealed in an earlier trailer alongside Gradevoir. This led many fans to believe that Blastoise would be the first character to be added.

But, despite it not coming just yet, it does confirm that the third Gen 1 starter will be joining Venasaur and Charizard soon.

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