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First Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Reveals Gameplay & Story Details

It’s finally time to get a look at Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with the game’s official reveal trailer.

Farewell to Call of Duty Vanguard, but there’s a new Activision shooter in town. For months now, all fans have been talking about is when Infinity Ward’s next game will drop, and what it might bring.

It seems that Activision is well aware of the fading interest in Vanguard and the incredible hype that Modern Warfare 2 brings. And for the last few weeks, it has been teasing the upcoming release non-stop.

We first got the official artwork to reveal for MW2 just two weeks ago. But even before that, Activision confirmed both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 back in February!

Modern Warfare 2 Official Art

And even besides the official reveals, we’re getting near-constant leaks for the game too. Recently, it became clear that MW2 is coming to Steam, leaving exclusivity for the first time in years.

Official Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Reveals Singleplayer Gameplay

The official reveal trailer for COD: Modern Warfare 2 is here, showing off what players can expect from this year’s release.

The trailer showcased our first look at the gameplay for the single-player gameplay for Modern Warfare 2. and a few of the story details.

MW2 will take players through the iconic journey that turned Task 141 into the legendary squad that it is today. This adventure will take players through different destinations in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The trailer itself showed off underwater combat, low-profile stealth missions, and explosive breaches.

Despite the new MW2 trailer leaking just hours before its grand debut, it’s far more exciting to see it in all its glory. The new Task Force 141 looks better than ever before, and we even get a tease of what gameplay will look like.

And MW2 wasn’t the only one with new announcements. Infinity Ward also revealed exciting new details about their upcoming revamped battle royale, Warzone 2.0.

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However, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the actual MW2 gameplay level trailer. From then on, it’ll feel like a long wait until Modern Warfare 2’s official release date, but we’re not actually too far out.

Now all the Modern Warfare 2 editions are leaking early too! Which one will you be buying on release day?

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