Prior to the release of Modern Warfare, data miners posted a slew of leaks regarding post-launch content. Although the vast majority of these were correct, there’s still no official sign of COD MW Battle Royale. This has led some fans to believe the mode has been canceled altogether, but this presumably isn’t the case as new evidence has emerged. It seems as though we now have received a first look at the Modern Warfare Battle Royale loading screen.

COD MW Battle Royale Loading Screen

After scrolling through Reddit, eagle-eyed have discovered upon a new post from user ‘callofdutyinsider‘. The post seems to entail a screenshot of Modern Warfare’s highly-anticipated Battle Royale mode. It’s not merely any random screenshot of the mode, however. After researching the matter more closely, reliable members of the industry have noted that this is actually the loading screen.

New Battle Royale screenshot? 👀 from r/modernwarfare

In the apparent loading screen, you can see two Ground War maps combined together, Port of Verdansk and Tavorsk District. Indeed, if Battle Royale is on the horizon, it will be made up of a mixture of Spec Ops locations and maps.

Video of Full Battle ROYALE Map from r/modernwarfare

Data miners claim that the in-game files were updated as a result of the latest update. Although update 1.13 introduced a host of changes to the game, the patch notes do not seem to justify its hefty file size of 48GB on PC. With this in mind, it’s highly likely that Infinity Ward added Battle Royale into the game with the latest patch. Of course, it won’t be playable at the moment, but this to prepare for when it allegedly launches with Season 2.

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Infinity Ward is yet to discuss the prospect of Battle Royale coming to Modern Warfare, let alone confirming its existence. Therefore, it’s important to remain skeptical on the matter. Even though the image shown above is likely the mode’s loading screen, it could be something entirely different.