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First Image of New Warzone Map Leaks

Players have leaked the first image of the new Warzone map.

Warzone players have been waiting for a long time for news about a new map. Verdansk is great, but players are getting tired of it after a whole year now.

While there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, a leaker has found what seems to be an image of the new map and it looks very different to anything in Verdansk.

verdansk warzone map

New Warzone Map Revealed?

Call of Duty leaker @DeclassifiedCOD shared an image of a location he calls ‘Zoo’. This name lines up with the information from a huge Warzone map leak a while ago.

This leak will be especially interesting for Warzone players who are getting bored of waiting for content.

The image, in the tweet below, shows a pond with a statue of an elephant in it. In the background, there is a domed building with some balloons and decorations.

Players in the replies to the image believe that this could be part of the new Warzone map. This is because the image shows a HUD that is the same as the one from Call of Duty’s previous battle royale game Blackout.

This new map could also be coming sooner than players think. A leak revealed the release date of new Warzone map as well as when Verdansk will be nuked.

UPDATE: More information about the new Warzone map has been leaked:

Zoo Cold War Outbreak & Fireteam Map

In addition to being part of the new Warzone map, players also believe that this map could be coming to Cold War soon. Much like the Fireteam maps being used in the new Outbreak Zombies mode, players also believe that this could be coming to Cold War soon.

There are also rumors that Verdansk will “never return” after it is destroyed.

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This could come as soon as the next major Cold War update, Season 2 Reloaded. Find out everything we know so far about Cold War and Warzone Season 2 Reloaded.


Meanwhile, Warzone players can find out exactly how SBMM works, thanks to some interesting new research.

Also, find out when Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 starts. This will surely be a huge update full of new content and maybe even an extra Warzone map.

Additionally, Warzone players are now having to deal with loads of new Dev Error codes which are crashing the game.

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Saturday 13th of March 2021

And there are like three of my online friends with same problem


Saturday 13th of March 2021

I can even load ware zone for the passed two days dev error 5573 and tryed all the shit people posted I was able to change me skin back to mw skin in 20 sec befor crash and then next time changed my laid out to mw but still won't work I need help? Anyone