The Gulag in Warzone is getting a variant in the dark, and you’ll need to use night vision goggles to work your way around the arena and eliminate your opponent!

The 1v1 fights in the Gulag are one of the most exciting parts of Warzone. However, these high-stakes face-offs are about to get even more challenging.

Starting with the Warzone Season 1 Reloaded update on January 17, the Gulag Public Event will come to Warzone. This event turns off the lights in the Gulag and equips players with night vision goggles!

Fortunately, we got a glimpse of this Public Event back in the November 2023 COD Next event. This gameplay shows what the night vision goggles should look like when it finally comes to Warzone!

Night Vision Goggles in Call of Duty

Warzone Night Vision Goggles Gulag Gameplay

Back in November 2023, content creators got to play an early version of Warzone’s new Urzikstan map ahead of its launch. This gameplay also included the upcoming night vision goggles Gulag, which will arrive in Season 1 Reloaded.

The gameplay from Zlaner below gives you a good look at what the night vision Gulag will look like.

While the map itself is the same, the visibility is much lower. In particular, the sides of the screen, which are not illuminated by a flashlight, remain quite dark, despite the night vision goggles.

In theory, this reduced visibility will create a slightly slower Gulag experience where players have to make more of an effort to spot their opponent. Additionally, firing your weapon in the dark creates bright flashes, making tracking your target more challenging than in the light.

Overall, the night vision goggles Gulag in Warzone looks to be an interesting twist on the classic formula. However, only time will tell whether players like it or if it becomes an annoyance like the duos Gulag from the Al Mazrah days!

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