The first gameplay of the new Warzone map Vondel has started to release online, showcasing this brand-new location.

With exclusive early access granted by Call of Duty, content creators are unleashing the first footage, offering an exhilarating glimpse into the action-packed world awaiting players in Season 4.

Upon reviewing the videos, here is everything we can see in the new Warzone Vondel map.

Everything We See in First Warzone Vondel Gameplay

Dynamic Fog

One of the first things we noticed in the gameplay was the implementation of the new dynamic fog system. While Vondel is usually sunny with a clear sky, there is a possibility that fog could roll in at specific points of the game.

This is due to the map being technically built below sea level on a network of canals. Keep an eye on the billboards across the map, as they will give live weather reports!

Dynamic Fog on Vondel Gameplay
Fog obscures the rooftop view.

This image comes from Modern Warzone, and you can watch his gameplay of this new map below:

Buildings Designed to Make Tracking Players Easier

In the early gameplay, keen-eyed players will notice no windows between the first and top floors of buildings.

This design is on purpose, so locating enemies is much easier. If you are being shot from a building, you will know they are either on the top or bottom floor.

No windows in Vondel Gameplay
No Windows players can look or shoot through / Credit: ModernWarzone

Easier to See Players In Water

Due to the water in Vondel being from a canal, it is much easier to see enemy players who are swimming away. The water in this map is also much shallower, making it harder to hide from incoming shots.

Credit: Espresso

First In-Game Look at POIs

In these early playthroughs, we also get an in-game glimpse at the POIs that will feature on the map:


This POI is very colorful, as a football stadium has become a paintball area. There is plenty of space to take cover, particularly the giant beanbags.

Credit: Westie


Unlike most of the map, Castle is one of the dullest POIs. As the name suggests, this location features a castle.

As you can see in the image below, the coloring in this area is very dark compared to the backdrop of the city.

Credit: IceManIsaac


This location is set near the middle of the map and as the name states, this is a mall. This POI has a ton of corners and walls, meaning close-quarters combat will be at the fore.

Mall in Vondel
Credit: Bbreadman
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