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First Gameplay of Modern Warfare 2 Is Leaking Online

Modern Warfare 2 gameplay is slowly leaking online, revealing the first look into the highly anticipated upcoming Call of Duty FPS.

Call of Duty is looking to take the community by storm with its upcoming Modern Warfare 2 launch. They are releasing Warzone 2 alongside it and a brand new (rumored) DMZ mode.

So it makes sense that Activision has had a very tight grip on any footage from the alpha and beta. But some footage has finally made its way to social media.

Here’s everything we know.

Modern Warfare 2’s new (rumored) DMZ mode may allow players to trade Skins and Blueprints! Something never before seen in Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare Ghost

Leaked Gameplay Reveals First Look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

After weeks of teasers and rumored closed-betas, leaked gameplay videos of Modern Warfare 2 have finally made their way to social media.

These leaks come courtesy of Twitter, where one user revealed a short ten-second clip that showcases a player inspecting their gun and reloading. The gameplay appears to be from a multiplayer match, but the footage is blurry.

The setting is similar to something we would see in Verdansk with a few houses near a desert-like terrain.

So we really can’t make much of what the surroundings are, but one thing is certain, it looks like more Modern Warfare.

This is excellent news since the original Modern Warfare series was iconic and what ultimately launched Call of Duty into dominating the FPS genre for a while.

Modern Warfare 2 2022 to have marketplace to trade skins

An entire gameplay reveal is rumored to be taking place in early June. So it would make sense that we’d start seeing a few leaks in the coming weeks.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will also launch alongside Warzone 2, which looks to reinvent the popular Battle Royale. It could be exactly what the popular FPS needs to reclaim its throne.

Currently, fans are enjoying the new Operation Monarch mode that brings Kong and Godzilla to Caldera. But this limited-time event is almost over. So it will be interesting to see where the community stands once it ends.

Many have already voiced that they want this mode to stay permanently.

There are rumors that Warzone 2 will bring some of the most beloved Modern Warfare 2 maps, like Highrise, back to Call of Duty. It seems Call of Duty fans are in for a treat later this year.

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