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First Gameplay of Battlefield Mobile Playtest Leaks

There’s some great news for FPS fans and on-the-go gamers alike – the first Battlefield mobile gameplay has been leaked and it looks amazing!

Battlefield is one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world. However, it is easy to forget that there are actually two Battlefield games in development right now.

Yes, most of the attention is on the delayed release date of Battlefield 2042. However, there is also some great news for Battlefield fans who also like to play games on their phone.

A leak has revealed the first gameplay from the playtest of the Battlefield mobile game. What’s more, the footage looks even better than expected!

But before you check out the gameplay, check out the first Battlefield mobile details, featuring huge battles and destruction.

Battlefield Mobile Destruction

First Look at Battlefield Mobile Gameplay

Battlefield mobile was announced all the way back in April, but there has been very little information about the game since then. However, a leak has now revealed just over 5 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Battlefield mobile game.

The video shows a wide variety of gameplay including the shooting, of course, as well as driving two of the vehicles in the game. The player drives both a motorbike as well as a tank over the course of the match.

Additionally, the gameplay also gives players a glimpse at the sort of control scheme that Battlefield mobile will use. A joystick will be on the left of the touchscreen, the fire button on the right, and the weapons you are carrying will be in the middle.

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Battlefield Mobile Gameplay

What’s more, the loading screen for the match reveals the player count. It looks like the game will feature 32 player battles.

Finally, it is also worth noting that this gameplay was taken from an Android phone on max graphics settings. No wonder this first Battlefield Mobile gameplay looked so good!

Will you be playing Battlefield mobile when it comes out? The release date is still a long way away, but Pokemon Unite has just come to smartphones so that could keep you busy in the meantime.

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In other Battlefield news, a leaker has revealed the release date for the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta. Additionally, following the delay, EA has confirmed the new Battlefield 2042 Early Access start date.

After seeing the mobile footage, you’ll also want to check out the latest Battlefield 2042 gameplay. This features three new Specialists from the game.

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