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First Call of Duty Vanguard Teaser Trailer Revealed

Activision has revealed the first Call of Duty Vanguard teaser trailer, and it gives players a first glimpse at the game’s potential setting, as well as an interesting hint towards Modern Warfare.

There has been no official announcement for Call of Duty Vanguard yet, but it seems like we are getting very close now.

Following plenty of Call of Duty Vanguard leaks, Activision has seemingly released the first teaser trailer for Call of Duty Vanguard. Check it out below.

But first, have a look tough these leaked details about Call of Duty Vanguard’s maps, dynamic weather, and SBMM.

Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard ‘Western Front’ Teaser Trailer

It’s only a matter of time before Activision officially reveals this year’s Call of Duty game, after a dataminer leaked the upcoming Warzone Vanguard reveal event. What’s more, a leaker has also shared the supposed Call of Duty Vanguard release date.

However, fans have now gotten the biggest sign yet that an announcement is on the way. Call of Duty has supposedly shared the first official teaser trailer for Vanguard.

A number of content creators including @Tomogrpahic have been sent a 5-second clip titled ‘Western Front’. This appears to be the first official Call of Duty Vanguard teaser.

The short clip takes place in a German forest, judging by the language on the sign. During the clip, you see a glimpse of what looks like a Task Force 141 badge, a red hat stuck on barbed wire, and a ripped name tag that says ‘SGT. KINGSLEY’.

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Cod WW2

Teaser Breakdown

As Vanguard will be set in World War 2, it’s not a surprise to see a German setting in the teaser trailer. However, the leaked Call of Duty Vanguard box art showed players fighting in the Pacific, meaning there could be multiple settings in the campaign.

The Task Force 141 badge is also worth noting. This could show that Vanguard takes place in the same timeline as 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Finally, it is unknown who Sgt. Kingsley is. This is especially puzzling as the name doesn’t match up with the leaked Vanguard Campaign main characters either.

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Are there any other details in the short Call of Duty Vanguard teaser trailer? Let’s hope to see some more glimpses of the game before the official reveal.

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Meanwhile, yet another leak has revealed the Call of Duty Vanguard Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Bonuses. This version of the game will definitely be very popular with fans of the series.

Also, a new season of Warzone has just dropped! Check out the Warzone Season 5 patch notes.

Finally, the WW2 theme will continue over to Warzone too. A leaker has revealed that Warzone will get a new WW2 map.

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