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First Battlefield 2042 Screenshots Leak Ahead of Reveal Trailer

A new leak has revealed some screenshots of Battlefield 2042!

The next Battlefield game, most likely titled Battlefield 2042, is the most hyped game in the world right now. Everyone is talking about it and can’t wait for the official reveal later today.

Luckily for you impatient gamers, some screenshots of the game have been leaked already and they look amazing!

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Battlefield 2042 Release Date Confirmed

Battlefield 2042 First Images Leak

Industry insider Tom Henderson has shared thee new screenshots of Battlefield 2042 to his Twitter account, hours before the trailer will premiere.

Also, in case you missed it, the Battlefield 2042 official release date has also been confirmed!

The first leaked image shows a soldier flying away from a tornado in a wingsuit. This confirms the previous leak that natural disasters will destroy the maps in Battlefield 2042.

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battlefield reveal trailer june 9

The next image shows some helicopters surrounded by explosions, headed towards a construction site. Meanwhile, the third image shows an army storming a beach with a large cargo ship in the background.

These two leaked images in particular give players a sense of the huge scale that Battlefield 2042. Therefore, it looks like the huge Battlefield 2042 player count leak is also true.

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What do you think of the leaked Battlefield 2042 images? Are you excited for the next game in the franchise or are wingsuits not your thing?

Meanwhile, players won’t have to wait long to drop into the new Battlefield. A leak suggests that the Battlefield 2042 Alpha is coming next month.

Finally, yet another leak has also revealed that Battlefield 2042 could release on Game Pass. This is huge for Xbox players.

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