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Firebase Z: Where To Find Missing Dark Aether Artifact

The loctation of the long-missing Dark Aether artifact on Cold War Zombies' newest map Firebase Z has been discovered.

Since the release of Firebase Z, fans have been all over the map, uncovering every tiny detail that the map has to offer.

The case has been the same for many years in the Zombies community. The fans of Call of Duty's secondary mode have always been incredibly dedicated, and since the incredibly long and complex easter eggs started cropping up, there has always been a group of dedicated fans there in order to solve it.

cold war zombies firebase z intel guide
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

Nothing has yet changed, as Firebase Z players have spent hours, days, weeks on uncovering every last detail of the map. From the massive Orda boss fight to earning free wonder weapons, fans have been uncovering every last morsel left by the developers.

If you're new to Firebase Z, though, here's our full guide to the new Cold War Zombies map.

But, one minor secret has flown under the radar this whole time. Thankfully, though, it has finally been revealed.

Firebase Z's Broken Collectible

The item that players have been unable to collect actually has nothing to do with their ability to find it; it's actually an issue with the game itself.

A lot of intel collectibles are scattered around the map for completionists to pick up in order to learn more about the game's story. But one piece of intel has been glaringly missing.

The Dark Aether Omega Canister was actually intended to be given to players from the beginning as part of the easter egg's completion. Unfortunately, the game had a bug that prevented players from picking it up.

cold war zombies firebase z intel canister
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

It has now become avaliable through a game update that patchs the bug entirely. If you were completing the full easter egg you should have had the item already. Thankfully though, the item is now avaliable, and can be collected as part of the easter egg's process.

How to Collect Firebase Z's Missing Dark Aether Artifact

In February's patch, the issue keeping the intel from being collected was amended, and it is now available to all players who wish to claim it. So, here's exactly how to find the missing intel.

You're able to obtain the item after you have obtained the shovel and used the floppy disk in the main quest. If you don't know exactly how to get there, here's our full guide to Firebase Z's easter egg.

After you unlock a cabinet to obtain the aether meter, you must then go ahead to dig up the aether canisters around the map.

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Cold war zombies firebase z intel canister
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

While you are doing so, a specific purple canister will shoot out of the ground, and if you're not quick enough, teleport elsewhere.

For this step of the easter egg, you'll need the "Discordant Harmonizer" variant of the map's wonder weapon, the R.A.I K-84. Here's how to get your hands on that weapon for free.

Once you've found the canister, stay vigilant. If you get too close to it, it'll just teleport away again.

From a distance, shoot the canister with your wonder weapon. Once done so it will tether the cansiter in place, allowing you to pick it up.

And that's everything! You'll be able to access all of the item's data from the game's menu, with your other intel.

It's frustrating that it was unavailable, but at least now you can grab the canister and 100% Firebase Z.

It's not the first bug to impact Zombies player's Firebase Z experience, mind you. A Tombstone Soda glitch is breaking games, and so is a Mimic glitch that throws players through walls.

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