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Firebase Z High Round Strategy – Black Ops Cold War Zombies

There’s a new high round strategy for Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z map. Here’s how to get to Round 100 with ease:

In Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, players are always striving to survive as long as possible. Now, fans are discovering the best way to get to high rounds in Firebase Z.

This new strategy requires quite a bit of set-up, but players will be able to get to Round 100 with relative ease. So far, it’s the cleanest high round strategy for Firebase Z that Cold War Zombies fans have been able to come up with.

Here’s how the strategy is done:

How to Get to Round 100 in Firebase Z Strategy Guide

By following this easy Firebase Z strategy guide, you’ll be getting those Round 100 games in no time.

Before we get started, the only thing you need to make sure you have ready is a Tier 3 version of the Ring of Fire reward. This will make the strategy possible, so spend those Aetherium Crystals wisely!

And after you’ve made use of the best Firebase Z early game strategy, it’s time to move on to dealing with the harder rounds.

Firebase Z Wonder Weapon
(Source: Activision)
Firebase Z High Round Strategy
  • While you’re doing this, be sure to grab all of Firebase Z’s Perks too
  • The only thing you want to be sure to avoid, is opening this door to the Weapon Lab. This must stay shut at all times, otherwise, the Round 100 strategy will not work.
  • As one last way of saving yourself from death, a Chopper Gunner and Decoy Grenade are also essential items.

Starting the High Round Strategy in Firebase Z

Firebase Z High Round Window
  • To get started, head to the Weapon Lab and, as soon as a Zombie enters through this red window, fire your Wonder Weapon alternate fire into the center of the room.
  • Next, switch back to regular fire and shoot the R.A.I K-84’s grenade a couple of times. Doing this will extend the ball’s lifespan, without detonating it completely.
  • Then, fire a second grenade right next to the first one, and shoot to detonate the original ball.
  • This will cause a shockwave that kills all nearby enemies, while survivors are still slowed by the first grenade’s radius.
Firebase Z Round 100 Strategy
  • Once Ring of Fire is charged up, put your back to the crafting table, with the window on your left.
  • Pop the Field Upgrade and use your primary fire to clear out Zombies running in from the main door.
  • Don’t be distracted by minibosses entering through the window, and keep firing. Only divert your fire when the doorway is clear.
Firebase Z Weapon Lab High Round
  • When Ring of Fire is about to run out, return to your original position and begin the grenade strategy again.
  • Between rounds, feel free to quickly run top up your ammo if needs be.
  • You can also pick up additional equipment and Perks, should you lose them.
Firebase Z Orda Boss Fight
  • When it’s time for the Cold War Zombies Firebase Z boss fight, you will have to temporarily halt this strategy.
  • Instead, use the your grenade tactics to delete the incoming Zombie hordes in the Assault Wave.
  • Then pop Ring of Fire and blast Orda’s head for huge damage. The Field Upgrade won’t do additional damage to the boss, but it will stop you from having to reload.
  • Once the Elder God is dead, return to the Weapon Lab and continue your strategy from there.
(Source: MrRoflWaffes)

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