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Firebase Z Full Map Layout Revealed in Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Zombies has a new major location on the way, and we finally know how the full Firebase Z map will look.

Since launch, Black Ops Cold War has felt a little lacking in content. This is especially true for those fans who enjoy the Zombies game mode.

Despite Die Maschine being one of the best Zombies experiences in some time, launching with only one undead-slaying map was a questionable decision. Now, almost 3 months after the release of Cold War, the second Zombies locale is coming.

In case you missed it, we finally have an incredible new trailer for Cold War Zombies’ Firebase Z map. The update is set to drop on February 4 and it looks well worth the wait.

firebase z map
(Source: Activision)

But for those fans that are eager for a rundown on how Firebase Z will work, we’ve got a full map layout for you here.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies – Firebase Z Full Map Revealed

Thanks to an in-depth analysis from Cold War Zombies YouTuber Caspahz, we know exactly how Firebase Z’s map is laid out.

Taking advantage of all the game’s resources, including the recent Firebase Z teaser images, Caspahz has been able to piece together how the new map will play.

From what we can see, Black Ops Cold War Zombies players will be starting off in the location where the new trailer begins. This location is actually already present in the game, in the Fractured Jaw campaign mission.

The roof that Samantha Maxis crawls on top of will lead to a new staircase, however. Using these stairs, players can head to the Firebase Z map’s teleportation system.

Firebase Z Campaign Map
(Source: Activision)

Thanks to a screenshot from the upcoming map’s trailer, we also know that the Quick Revive Perk is present in the starting area.

The trailer suggests that Cold War Zombies fans will have to reach the teleporter before the Zombies overrun them. From here, you can transport freely to the Omega Facility.

Firebase Z Omega Facility Outpost

The Omega Facility is the main location of the Firebase Z map in Black Ops Cold War.

When teleporting to the outpost, the Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ new Tombstone Perk machine will be directly ahead of you.

Running forward and just around the left corner, players will encounter Cold War’s new Zombie enemy and have the chance to purchase an AUG off the wall. Should they choose, squads can also head inside the facility.

Firebase Z Map Area
(Source: Caspahz)

The Firebase Z Omega Facility is home to the Aether Reactor, which players must stabilize by killing Zombies in the area. Once this is done, two doors in the room will open up, as if you’ve turned on the power in a standard map.

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Leaving through one of the doors, you’ll enter the Sentry gun area of the Firebase Z map. Besides two bunkers with automated weaponry, you’ll notice a second Perk machine – though we don’t know what kind just yet.

It’s entirely possible that this is one of the 3 remaining leaked Perks that Treyarch is yet to reveal.

Not far from one of the sentry guns, we can also see the Mystery Box light, where players can purchase the new Zombies Wonder Weapon.

You’ll also be able to fight off against the Elder God, one of Cold War Zombies unsolved Easter eggs.

Want to know more? Here’s everything we know about Firebase Z so far!

When dropping into the new map, be sure to play as a group. After all, new evidence suggests that Black Ops Cold War Zombies punishes solo players.

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