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Unlock Cold War Zombies Camos Fast Using New Firebase Z Strategy

A new strategy for the Cold War Zombies map Firebase Z has been shared on the Zombies subreddit.

Firebase Z has been keeping players busy ever since it released. It was a relief to fans that they'd be receiving new Zombies experiences free of charge, and they haven't let go of it yet.

Even the massive new Outbreak mode hasn't been enough to deter players from kicking around in 'nam at the Firebase.

New Firebase Z Strategy for Weapon Camos
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

Not even the slew of Firebase Z glitches can deter players. One player has fallen through the floor in the village, breaking their game.

Fans are also having trouble with Firebase Z's Mimics, as they're throwing players straight through walls.

And as more players are staying on Firebase Z, more fans are discovering new strategies for high rounds and better gameplay.

One player has shared their strategy for racking up headshots and points for weapon camos on Firebase Z, and it's pretty fool-proof.

Firebase Z Player's Headshots Strategy

Player freshwings421 has shared their strategy for playing Firebase Z on solo, in which they're able to bag 1300 critical kills by round 30.

The player starts the video at spawn, showing them sticking around and farming 5-6 thousand essence first and foremost. The zombies are slow to start with, so it's easy for them to pull off those all-important headshots.

Once they've done so, and earned enough essence to open the doors they need to, they leave the courtyard. They head to the Firebase and start activating the reactors to turn the power on.

The player starts at military command, then heads to mission control, and finally ends their power tour at the data center. The player does this all while sticking to headshots, which is easy enough, as all of this happens before the start of round 8.

New Firebase Z Strategy for Weapon Camos
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

With the power switched on, they head straight back to the village to pack-a-punch their weapon. It makes sense primarily to bring a rapid-fire weapon, to ensure you're maximizing your damage output to ammo-count ratio.

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Once they've done so, they go to the armor station and upgrade their weapon damage. This helps to make the most of their ammo and makes those headshots easier.

After this, freshwings' suggestion is to camp at the village, gathering 15k essence and enough salvage for the next damage upgrade. Their camping spot is upstairs in the pack-a-punch room. They head out onto the veranda, and camp on the small area outside.

They also share a strategy to keep you safe if you get in trouble here. Hop off the landing, run over to the roof with the portal on it, and simply jump over the ledges back to your original position.

When the assaults on the Firebase occur, sprint to the location of the breach. However, it's important that you don't use the killstreak it offers you.

Those are enemies ripe for headshots, and any Zombie kill by a killstreak is a wasted stat for your camo progress.

Once you've farmed enough points, apply the frozen ammo mod to your weapon. You can also pick up any remaining perks you've missed, boosting your power. Once you've done this, farm 30k essence and enough salvage for the next weapon upgrade.

New Firebase Z Strategy for Weapon Camos
Cold War Zombies' Firebase Z

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All you have to do is camp in that spot in the village. You'll only have to leave to protect the Firebase from assaults, but with stamin-up, you'll have no trouble getting there.

Follow these steps, and you're practically all set until rounds 30-35, so you can farm more headshots than ever. The player also recommends when you're able, purchase and fully pack-a-punch the Magnum that you can find near the pap machine itself.

This way, when you're downed with tier 5 Quick Revive, it's an incredibly easy self-revive. One-shot a zombie and you're back on your feet.

If you need any more advice on perk upgrades, check out our guide on which Zombies perks to upgrade first.

And if you had trouble with some missing intel when the map first launched, we've got a treat for you. Here's how to find Firebase Z's missing Dark Aether artifact.

It's an excellent strategy, and one we can hardly fault. If you need any more help mastering the exciting map, here's our complete guide to Firebase Z.

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