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How Do Skirmishes Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

Skirmishes are short, optional battles in Fire Emblem Engage that are separate from the main narrative. They appear across the overworld during each Chapter in locations you’ve already visited.

Skirmishes are made available from Chapter 6 onwards but spawn in real-time. Once you’ve completed any available ones, you’ll have to wait for more to appear.

Of course, it’s worth noting that you can’t unlock new units through Skirmishes. If you want to recruit every character in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll need to complete an entirely different type of battle.

If you’re struggling to defeat a Skirmish, you should consider changing your character’s class to completely overhaul your strategy and become even more powerful.

There are typically multiple Skirmishes to choose from, with each one offering different rewards for completing them.

Before selecting which one you want to take part in, you will be able to see a detailed breakdown of the rewards you’ll receive as well as a pixilated icon of the enemy you’ll predominantly face.

a Skirmish menu in Fire Emblem Engage

Every Skirmish Type Explained

There are three different types of Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage. The predominant difference between each one is the varying rewards you’ll receive for completing them.

These are the three types of Skirmishes:

  • Standard Skirmish
  • Silver Corrupted Skirmish
  • Gold Corrupted Skirmish

Make sure you’ve unlocked the most powerful Emblem Rings in Fire Emblem Engage, as completing these different Skirmishes is a great way to test their true potential.

Standard Skirmishes have no special modifications and are, therefore, easier to complete. However, as a result, they offer less valuable rewards, gold, and SP overall.

Silver Corrupted Skirmishes appear less often than standard Skirmishes and feature Silver Corrupted enemies. You earn significantly more SP and experience for completing these.

Gold Corrupted Skirmishes are also less common and feature Gold Corrupted enemies. For completing these, you’ll earn more gold.

selecting a Skirmish in Fire Emblem Engage
The type of Skirmish is shown on the right, along with the rewards you’ll receive.

What Is the Difference Between Skirmishes & Training Battles in Fire Emblem Engage?

Unlike Skirmishes, Training Battles appear in a region’s capital and not across random locations in the overworld. Additionally, in Classic Mode, any units defeated during a Training Battle will return at the end.

Training Battles also don’t contain any Gold or Silver Corrupted enemies. However, they’re still worth doing, as every unit used in the battle will earn a fixed amount of EXP on top of a hefty gold reward.

the Training Battle menu screen

What Rewards Do You Get From Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage?

For each Skirmish you complete in Fire Emblem Engage, you can earn the following rewards:

  • Gold
  • SP
  • Experience
  • Materials
  • Ingredients
  • Adoptable animals

Each Skirmish will offer players the same base rewards, with Gold and Silver Corrupted Skirmishes increasing the amount of those rewards you get.

While Skirmishes are definitely a great way to earn rewards, if you’re looking to earn a lot of SP in Fire Emblem Engage, then you may want to consider other options.

Once you’ve completed a Skirmish, you can explore the region it is based in again. This allows you to pick up any ingredients and materials as well as interact with adoptable animals.

The number of materials and ingredients available after each Skirmish is determined by your Donation Level with the country the Skirmish was in.

The Skirmish Rewards screen in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Farm Gold & Silver Corrupted Skirmishes

You can increase the chances of getting Gold and Silver Corrupted Skirmishes by raising the Donation Level of each country via the Bulletin Board in the Cafe Terrace.

The higher the donation level, the greater the chance of these rarer Skirmishes appearing. Alternatively, you can re-roll the available Skirmishes by changing your Switch’s internal clock.

Of course, farming Gold and Silver Corrupted Skirmishes will make Fire Emblem Engage’s already surprisingly long runtime that much longer!

How to Raise Donation Levels in Fire Emblem Engage

To raise your Donation Levels and improve your chances of getting Gold and Silver Corrupted Skirmishes, follow these instructions:

  • Head to the Cafe Terrace in the Somniel.
  • Interact with the Bulletin Board.
the Bulletin Board in the Somniel
  • Choose which country you would like to donate to.
    • You will only be able to select a country if you’ve previously had a battle there.
  • Pick which amount you’d like to donate. The higher the donation, the more significant your chances of getting Gold and Silver Corrupted Skirmishes are.
    • The amounts you can donate are:
      • 5,000
      • 10,000
      • 25,000
      • 50,000
the Donation screen in Fire Emblem Engage
  • Confirm your choice.
    • You will earn instant rewards when you increase your Donation Level, as well as the increased chance of Gold and Silver Corrupted Skirmishes appearing in that country.

How to Re-Roll Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage

To re-roll Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage in the hopes of a Gold or Silver Corrupted Skirmish appearing, follow these instructions:

  • Head to System Settings from your Home Screen.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and select System.
  • Inside System, scroll down until you find Date and Time.
  • Next, disable Synchronize Clock via the Internet.
  • Then select Date and Time and manually adjust the time to one hour ahead.
the Date and Time settings menu on the Nintendo Switch
  • Head back into Fire Emblem Engage and see if you like the new Skirmishes that have appeared.
  • If you don’t, repeat the process.

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