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Fire Emblem Engage: Should You Choose Male or Female Alear – All Differences

Fire Emblem players should choose whatever Alear looks and sounds best to them personally, as Engage’s gender options do not affect much besides the character’s appearance.

Certain outfits and a couple of classes are gender-specific, but romance is completely unaffected.

One of the major improvements over the last mainline Fire Emblem title is that Alear is fully voiced in Engage. With that in mind, be sure you’re happy with how your character sounds, as you’ll be hearing them talk a lot.

It’s certainly a big change from playing as Byleth, the silent protagonist of Three Houses.

Also bear in mind that certain outfits are locked to each gender, meaning that your favorite fashion items may be unavailable when playing a different gendered Alear.

Fire Emblem Engage Marth and Alear

All Differences Between Male & Female Alear in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage has very few differences depending on whether you choose a Male or Female Alear.

The only major changes are that you’ll be able to wear different outfits depending on gender, and your protagonist will have a different voice actor.

Romance options are completely unaffected. In fact, both male and female Alear can romance all of Fire Emblem Engage’s romantic options, regardless of gender!

That’s a nice improvement from past Fire Emblem titles that had certain romances locked behind which gender you chose.

fire emblem engage protagonist alear

It’s also worth noting that Fire Emblem does have a few gender-specific classes that Alear won’t be able to become, depending on the form you select.

Lance Flier, Axe Flier, and Sword Flier classes are female-only classes, meaning that a male Alear cannot attain them. However, since Alear gets access to exclusive classes such as Dragon Child and Divine Dragon, it’s unlikely that these restrictions will impact your experience.

All Alear Voice Actors in Fire Emblem Engage

Male Alear is played by Brandon McInnis in the English dub, best known for being the voice of Gyutaro in the Demon Slayer anime.

He has starred in many anime series such as Dr Stone where he plays the role of Gin and My Hero Academia as the voice of Sir Nighteye.

In Japanese, male Alear is played by Hiro Shimono, also best known for his work on Demon Slayer but this time as Zenitsu. He also has a couple of notable major roles as the voice of Dabi in My Hero Academia and Connie Springer in Attack on Titan.

Alear Male Voice Actors

Female Alear is played by Laura Stahl in the English dub, best known for her role as Iruma Suzuki in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun anime.

She also has a series of credits in various animes and video games such as Genshin Impact and Soul Hackers 2.

In Japanese, female Alear is played by Aya Endō, the voice of Minnie Mouse. She has starred in many major projects such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Great Pretender, and Fairy Tale in recent years.

Alear Female Voice Actors

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