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How Many Chapters Are There in Fire Emblem Engage?

There are a total of 26 Chapters in Fire Emblem Engage throughout the course of the game’s core narrative. This is in addition to any side content.

Every Chapter in Fire Emblem Engage is made up of one to two battles but also allows players to spend time in the Somniel with their party members.

Of course, while 26 Chapters may sound like an awful lot, you may want to see just how long it takes to beat Fire Emblem Engage, as this may be one you’ll end up spending the entire year playing.

For reference, there are four more Chapters in Fire Emblem Engage than there were in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and ten more than in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

This may make Fire Emblem Engage the longest game in the series, at least for those who engage with the majority of its content.

Alear and Marth from Fire Emblem Engage stood with their swords connected

Every Chapter in Fire Emblem Engage

  • Prologue: The Emblems
  • Chapter 1: Awake at Last
  • Chapter 2: Queen Lamera
  • Chapter 3: Hostilities
  • Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom
  • Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle
  • Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring
  • Chapter 7: Dark Emblem
  • Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might
  • Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces
  • Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon Sombron
  • Chapter 11: Retreat
  • Chapter 12: The Sentinels
  • Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasis
  • Chapter 14: The Battle for Solm
  • Chapter 15: Dancer in the Ruins
  • Chapter 16: Seashore Travels
  • Chapter 17: Serenity in Ruin
  • Chapter 18: The Cold Voyage
  • Chapter 19: The Dead Town
  • Chapter 20: The Kingless Castle
  • Chapter 21: The Return
  • Chapter 22: The Fell & the Divine
  • Chapter 23: The Four Hounds
  • Chapter 24: Recollections
  • Chapter 25: The Final Guardian
  • Chapter 26: The Last Engage

Unfortunately, those hoping that Fire Emblem Engage may have multiple story routes that branch out during one of these chapters may be disappointed.

Alear fighting a dragon in Fire Emblem Engage

Every Paralogue Mission in Fire Emblem Engage

There are 15 Paralogue missions that you can take part in during Fire Emblem Engage’s runtime. Each one expands upon an established character, typically one from the Emblem Rings.

Here is every Paralogue mission available in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • Paralogue 1: Budding Talent (Jean’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 2: Mysterious Merchant (Anna’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 3: The Exalt (Lucina’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 4: The Lady of the Plains (Lyn’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 5: The Radiant Hero (Ike’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 6: The Instructor (Byleth’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 7: The Crux of Fate (Corrin’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 8: The Azure Twin (Eirika & Ephraim’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 9: The Holy Knight (Sigurd’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 10: The Sage Lord (Leif’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 11: The Dawn Maiden (Micaiah’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 12: The Young Lion (Roy’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 13: The Caring Princess (Celica’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 14: The Hero-King (Marth’s Chapter)
  • Paralogue 15: The Connector
Celica and Citrinne from Fire Emblem Engage

How Long Is Each Chapter in Fire Emblem Engage?

Each Chapter will take you around 2 hours, depending on how much you pay attention to the narrative. Some of the earlier Chapters, including the prologue, are a little shorter.

However, as completing side content can easily double Fire Emblem Engage’s runtime, the later Chapters can last up to 3 or 4 hours.

Of course, from what the critics have been saying about Fire Emblem Engage, it seems like doing all of the side content may be worthwhile after all!

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