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How to Use Amiibo Support in Fire Emblem Engage (& All Rewards)

To use your amiibo to Fire Emblem Engage, you need to go to the amiibo Gazebo in the Somniel base and interact with it.

Once there, select Scan and place any amiibo on your controller. This will grant you a Fashion and Music ticket which can then be used to purchase amiibo exclusive outfits.

If you use a Fire Emblem amiibo, you’ll unlock a Fashion and Music ticket and an exclusive outfit that corresponds with the amiibo you used.

However, by placing a regular amiibo, not from the Fire Emblem franchise, you will just unlock useful items such as Elixirs, and not the exclusive rewards.

You’ll have plenty of time to unlock each and every amiibo reward, thanks to how long it takes to beat Fire Emblem Engage’s surprising length!

the amiibo Gazebo in Fire Emblem Engage

For full instructions on how to use amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage, keep reading:

  • Head to the amiibo Gazebo, located on the left-hand side in the Somniel.
  • Interact with it and select Scan.
selecting the Scan option at the amiibo gazebo in Fire Emblem Engage
  • Select any amiibo and place it on your controller as instructed on screen.
    • Using a non Fire Emblem amiibo will grant you items, whereas using a Fire Emblem amiibo will unlock their outfit for you to wear.
instructions on how to scan an amiibo in Fire Emblem Engage
  • You will receive a notification saying you’ve unlocked Fashion and Music tickets as well as any additional items.
    • If you want to see which outfits/music you’ve unlocked, next select Outfits and use your Fashion and Music tickets to purchase them.
unlocking a Fashion ticket in Fire Emblem Engage
  • You can only scan five amiibo at a time and must wait 24 hours in real-time before being able to scan any more.
the amount of scans left at the amiibo gazebo in Fire Emblem Engage

What Do Amiibo Do in Fire Emblem Engage?

You can unlock outfits ranging from Marth, Roy, and Lyn’s outfits, to Ike’s and even Byleth’s by using a Fire Emblem amiibo in the amiibo Gazebo in Fire Emblem Engage.

Additionally, you can unlock iconic songs such as Trouble! (Marth), Beneath a New Light (Roy), and Fódlan Winds to listen to in the Somniel.

Considering how many routes there are in Fire Emblem Engage, you may want to try and get as many of these rewards as quickly as possible.

The amiibo that unlock exclusive Fire Emblem Engage outfits and songs are:

  • Alm
  • Byleth
  • Celica
  • Chrom (Smash)
  • Chrom (FE Series)
  • Corrin (M)
  • Corrin (F)
  • Ike
  • Marth
  • Lucina
  • Roy
  • Robin
  • Tiki
Chrom and Tiki

Every Fire Emblem Engage Amiibo Reward


  • Marth Style
  • Celica Style
  • Sigurd Style
  • Leif Style
  • Roy Style
  • Lyn Style
  • Ike Style
  • Micaiah Style
  • Lucina Style
  • Corrin Style
  • Byleth Style
  • Eirika Style
Alear wearing the Lucina outfit


  • Trouble! (Marth)
  • With Mila’s Divine Protection
  • End of the Holy War
  • Let’s Go, Leif!
  • Beneath a New Light (Roy)
  • Wind across the Plains
  • The Devoted
  • Echoes of Daybreak
  • Destiny (Ablaze)
  • End of All (Below)
  • Fódlan Winds
the unlockable amiibo songs in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Equip Amiibo Outfits & Listen to Amiibo Songs in Fire Emblem Engage

To equip amiibo outfits in Fire Emblem Engage, go to the Boutique in the Somniel and choose the outfit from there.

To listen to songs unlocked through amiibo, you’ll need to go to your room in the Somniel and interact with your bed. Select the Reminisce option, and then choose the song you want to listen to.

It is worth noting that certain outfits will only work with specific characters. You’ll know which ones don’t work when it continues to display the currently equipped outfit for that character.

Here are the complete instructions on how to equip amiibo outfits and listen to amiibo songs in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • To equip an outfit unlocked through your Fire Emblem amiibo, go to the Boutique, which is located in the Somniel’s central building.
the Boutique shop in the Somniel
  • Select the character whose outfit you wish to change.
  • Next, pick the outfit from the menu on the right which you want to equip.
    • You won’t be able to equip some outfits to specific characters. For example, outfits originally belonging to female characters can only be worn by female characters.
Alfred wearing the Marth outfit
  • Confirm your choice and leave the Boutique.
  • To listen to the songs you’ve unlocked via your Fire Emblem amiibos, you need to go to your room in the Somniel.
  • Interact with your bed.
  • Select the Reminisce option and then Music.
the bedroom in the Somniel
  • Choose a song from the list of available songs.
    • Your most recently unlocked songs will appear towards the bottom.
a list of tracks in Fire Emblem Engage

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