Fire Emblem Chapter 11 ‘Retreat’ takes place immediately after Chapter 10 with no break, and players need to focus on escaping rather than fighting to get out unharmed.

Players should avoid engaging unnecessary enemies and keep their strongest fighters near the rear.

In Chapter 11, Fire Emblem Engage players are stripped of their Emblems and forced to run from a fight. The pursuing enemy is relentless, and what’s more, it has the power of every Emblem you’ve been relying on thus far.

Make sure you’ve recruited all of Fire Emblem’s optional units in order to have the strongest possible squad by your side.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 Guide

To make matters worse, Alear has also lost possession of the Draconic Time Crystal that allows them to reverse time. Those playing on Classic Mode are at a real risk of losing units forever, with no chance to turn back the clock.

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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 Tips & Tricks


  • Before Chapter 10, it is advised to create extra Bond Rings for your units that are using Emblems. Equip them when your Emblem Rings go missing and you might just save a character from dying during Chapter 11 ‘Retreat’.
  • As Engage’s UI warns you, taking on Chapter 10 means dealing with multiple battles in a row with no respite. With that in mind, make sure to upgrade your units as best you can, equip them with healing items, and bring at least one support unit with you who can heal without Engaging.
  • As ever, be sure to save your game before the fight. But we’d recommend saving it in a new slot, so you can always reload your old file prior to Chapter 10, if you need to go into the fight more prepared.
Chapter 11 Fire Emblem Engage

During Retreat:

  • Make sure your strongest, tankier units are on the back line, protecting your squishier and less mobile soldiers.
  • Always use your turn to move forward, and don’t attack unnecessary enemies unless they’re preventing you from advancing.
  • Having an archer near the rear of your troops is also helpful, as they make it easy to take down flying units that can catch up to you easily.
  • If you’re playing in Classic Mode, be extra careful before every move and check where your enemies can reach with Y. Ensure your units are out of harm’s way, as without the Draconic Time Crystal, there is no turning back time to avoid your misplays.
  • Once you make it 3/4 of the way to the end, you’ll gain 2 new allies, 2 new Emblems, and the use of your Time Crystal. Until then, focus on running rather than fighting.
Fire Emblem Chapter 11 Ivy Rings

After Meeting New Allies:

  • Once Ivy and Zelkov arrive, things get a lot easier, but you’re not out of trouble yet.
  • Have Ivy Engage with Lyn to get access to one of the game’s best Emblems. Not only can she rain down fire on enemies from incredible range using Astra Storm, but she’s also able to use Call Doubles to distract the enemies nearby.
  • A partnership with Lucina and Alear is also ideal, as it’ll allow you to clear a path to the exit easily.
  • Focus on getting Alear to the blue exit squares ASAP. After all, as soon as they reach the escape, all units will be saved and Chapter 11 will come to a conclusion.

If you’re playing in Casual mode, you can relax, even if your allies fall along the way. But for Classic Mode players, Fire Emblem Chapter 11 can prove deadly.

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