Players will need to locate a makeshift weapon in the Call of Duty MW2 final campaign mission Countdown in order to survive, but finding them isn’t going to be easy.

Countdown is an incredibly challenging mission as it pits you against tough-as-nails Russian soldiers and gives you no weapons to fight back with.

Well, except ones you can source yourself within the level. However, finding those weapons is incredibly tricky, so it’s a good job we’ve got you covered.

Fortunately, for surviving this encounter and completing Countdown, you not only get the satisfaction of finishing the game but also of collecting all of the campaign exclusive rewards in MW2.

What Weapons Can You Use in Countdown?

There are two weapons you can find in the MW2 mission Countdown: the Box Cutter and a Glass Shiv. The Glass Shiv must be crafted, whereas the Box Cutter can be found.

Both of them are melee weapons that you can use to take down enemy soldiers. However, it is worth noting that the Glass Shiv breaks after one use, unlike the Box Cutter.

Where Are the Weapons in Countdown?

The Box Cutter

To access the Box Cutter weapon in Modern Warfare 2’s Countdown mission, you’ll first need to craft a Pry Tool and then use it to open a toolbox where the Box Cutter is hidden. To make it nice and simple for you, just follow these easy steps:

  • Craft a Pry Tool by opening your inventory (pressing up on the D-Pad on consoles), and selecting the Pry Tool in the radial menu. You’ll need 1 Binding and 1 Metal to craft it.
    • If you’re struggling to find the necessary resources, check one of the rooms hidden behind closed doors. These are filled with resources and are useful for hiding from the soldiers.
  • Next, you’ll need to find a toolbox. The most obvious one is next to the desk by the elevators. It’s bright red and will prompt you to open it when you get near.
  • You’ll have to pry it open with your Pry Tool which will make a lot of noise. Be ready to run away and hide once you’ve retrieved the Box Cutter.
a box cutter found inside of a drawer in MW2 Countdown
Pry the toolbox open with your Pry Tool and retrieve the Box Cutter

Once you’ve found the Box Cutter, all you need to do is take out the soldiers. You can do this by either laying down some traps (craft in your inventory) or sneaking up behind them.

The Glass Shiv

The Glass Shiv is a craftable melee weapon available only in the Countdown level and can be crafted with 1 Glass and 1 Binding. It is crafted in the same way as the Pry Tool, by opening your inventory (pressing up on the D-Pad on consoles) and selecting the Glass Shiv in the radial menu.

Bindings are everywhere, but glass is a lot harder to come by. You can smash glass to gain more, but it’ll obviously make a lot of noise, so your best bet is to search bins that can be found across the level.

the crafting menu in MW2 featuring the Glass Shiv
You can craft the Glass Shiv only in the Countdown mission, with 1 Glass and 1 Binding

Once you’ve crafted the Glass Shiv, you’ll be able to use it like any melee weapon. However, it is far less reliable, as it breaks after one use.

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