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Where to Find Lightsabers & Star Wars Chests in Fortnite Skywalker Week

The iconic Star Wars weapon is making a return for a limited time in Fortnite, alongside some Star Wars Chests thanks to the Skywalker Week celebrations, and here’s where to find these Lightsabers in Fortnite.

There’s nothing as satisfying as wielding a Lightsaber in Fortnite. Not only is this melee weapon powerful, but it can also block enemies that are shooting at you.

However, they aren’t around for long when they do arrive, so you’ll need to take advantage of them while you can. Thankfully, there’s no better time than during Skywalker Week in Fortnite.

How to Get Lightsabers in Fortnite – Skywalker Week

Luke’s Lightsabers can be found as floor loot or in chests anywhere in Fortnite, but we recommend going to the following locations for the best chance at grabbing one:

  • Grim Gables
  • Chrome Crossroads
  • Shiny Sound
  • Tilted Towers
Best Lightsaber Locations in Fortnite Skywalker Week

We recommend these locations due to how much loot they can have. We also recommend Grim Gables as it can be a quieter location compared to some.

Lightsaber found in Grim Gables during Fortnite Skywalker Week
Luke’s Green Lightsaber found in Grim Gables

There are currently three different Lightsabers in the game. Luke’s Blue Lightsaber, Luke’s Green Lightsaber, and Darth Vader’s Lightsaber, which you can get by defeating Vader in Fortnite.

You can also find this weapon, as well as the E-11 Blaster in Star Wars Chests across the map.

Where to Find Star Wars Chests in Fortnite – Skywalker Week

Star Wars Chests, or Imperial Chests, can be found in white tents in the following locations in Fortnite:

  • Northeast of Greasy Grove
  • Southeast of Greasy Grove
  • South of Grim Gables
  • West of Tilted Towers
All Star Wars Chests Locations in Fortnite Skywalker Week

What Are Star Wars Chests in Fortnite?

Star Wars Chests in Fortnite are dark grey chests with red lights on the top that can contain:

  • Lightsabers
  • E-11 Blasters
  • Junk Rifts
  • Medical supplies such as Shield Potions

Before grabbing a Lightsaber, though, you should look the part by buying up the Original Trilogy Set in Fortnite.

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